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Singapore’s Dependent Pass Scheme for Family Members

When a family is considering relocating to Singapore, the spouse and unmarried children, who are under 21-years of age, of the foreign employee coming to work in Singapore would be issued with a Dependent Pass Singapore (DP Singapore). While the foreign employee is issued with an Employment Pass, S Pass or Entrepreneur Pass to work legally in Singapore, a separate application would need to be filed for each member of the family to be eligible for DP application. 3E Accounting can assist you for dependent pass application, explanation of dependent pass scheme, tracking of dependent pass status, and dependent pass renewal for your family members.

Singapore’s Dependent Pass

For a DP holder, their status for the duration of their stay in Singapore is inherently tied to that of the main work pass holder. So long as the work pass holder continues to remain, work and live in Singapore, the DP holders are eligible to live as well. DP holders are also able to leave and return to Singapore freely without having to apply for a new visa again at each trip. DP holders can track their dependent pass status and renewal of dependent pass with MOM.


Who is Eligible for a DP?

Those eligible for a DP include spouses and any unmarried children who are 21-years of age and under can apply for DP and track the dependent pass status with MOM. These include legally adopted children, as long as all family members are related to the main work pass holder.

One stipulation to apply for the DP is that the work pass holder must be earning a minimum of SGD$6,000 a month. If in the event an Employment Pass holder’s child is born in Singapore, the parents are required to report the birth to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), along with an accompanying letter issued by the hospital to apply for a short-term visit pass for the newborn infant. The pass will be valid for a period of 42 days, and during this time an application must be filed to secure a DP for the new addition to the family.

If the work pass holder has a fiancée, the fiancée is eligible for the Long-Term Social Visit Pass, subject to certain conditions. The fiancée will not be eligible for the DP application or dependent pass scheme.


What Documents are Required for DP Application?

To apply for a DP, complete the dependent pass application, the applicant would need to submit the following documents for approval:

  • Copy of the passport’s personal particulars page
  • Copy of the official marriage certificate
  • A copy of birth certificates for children
  • A copy of adoption certificate if the child is adopted
  • A recent passport sized photo
  • Education details of the applicant
  • Salary details from the most recent employment (if any)
  • Enrolment details of schools and educational institutions in Singapore (if any)

Parents of children who are 16-years of age and under would need to sign the dependent pass application form on behalf of the child. Any certificates and documentation which are not already in English would need to be officially translated by a certified translator. A copy of these translated documents need to be submitted along with a copy of the original documents.


What is the Application Procedure Like?

The DP application needs to be sponsored by the employer of the work pass holder. DP applications require a separate visa application for each member of the family. If the DP application is submitted at the same time as the work pass holder’s work pass application, the outcome will very likely be known at the same time.

Processing times for employment pass application normally range around 2-8 weeks.


What is the Dependent Pass Renewal Process Like?

The renewal form for the DP holder will be sent to the employer together with the employee’s Employment Pass renewal form. Both the EP and the DP must be renewed at the same time. Dependent Pass Renewal Application forms are delivered by MOM.


Are DP Holders Allowed to Work in Singapore?

DP holders are allowed to work in Singapore as long as the work pass holder is not an S Pass holder, and the potential employer is willing to submit an application for a Letter of Consent (LOC) that must be approved by the authorities.


Are DP Holders Allowed to Study in Singapore?

Child dependent pass Singapore DP holders will have the option of enrolling in either a local school or international K-12 schools available in Singapore. They would not need to apply for a student visa to do so. Adult DP holders would be required to apply for a student visa to pursue higher education.


Are DP Holders Allowed to Apply for PR?

DP and EP holders are allowed to apply for Singapore PR.