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Singapore Company Register Website – BizFile+

Thinking about starting a business is just the first stage of the whole having your own business venture process. There are a lot more steps involved than just coming up with a name and deciding to have a business, you would need to wait in long queues sometimes for hours, file staggering amounts of paperwork and application forms and go physically to the appropriate register authority offices in Singapore just to get a company off the ground. Or at least, that is how the process used to be. Not anymore though, thanks to the introduction of BizFile+.

Thanks to BizFile+, the traditional way of setting up a company is now a thing of the past. Thanks also, to technology, who has completely changed the way the entire business setup procedure is taking place in Singapore. Everything can now seamlessly be done online through BizFile+, and it is convenience like an entrepreneur has never known before.


What is BizFile+?

BizFile+ is the electronic filing and data retrieval system of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. ACRA is the official company registrar for Singapore, in addition to being the national regulator and administrator for any business entity and public accountants in Singapore. Every company is required to abide by the statutory laws which have been laid down by ACRA and no business will be allowed to even begin its activities without going through registration with ACRA.

ACRA’s BizFile+, which is the most recent version of what was formerly known as just BizFile, is an online filing portal where entrepreneurs can head to should they wish to form a company in Singapore. Since it began, BizFile+ has successfully helped thousands of companies get incorporated every year.

Gaining access to BizFile+ portal is easy. There is no need to install any specific software or hardware on your computer, all you need is good internet connection. You will however, be required to have what is known as a SingPass ID to log into BizFile+.

A SingPass ID is a Singapore Personal Access Password, and this ID is used for carrying out government activities online. Singapore locals would already be in possession of a SingPass ID. Foreigners on the other hand, would be better advised to hire a corporate firm for assistance on acquiring a SingPass ID on their behalf.

Some of the advantages that you stand to gain by registering your company through BizFile+ instead of the regular old-fashioned method of company incorporation include:

  • A much faster processing time for all official procedures and paperwork
  • Instant update for any information that you need
  • Easy filing (can be done from anywhere with an internet connection)
  • Accuracy and integrity of data is ensured
  • Services are available around the clock, which includes Sundays and holidays as well
  • The website is easy and user-friendly

BizFile+ is the all new and improved version of the online filing system. Thanks to BizFile+, there is no longer a need to go through long and tedious methods of getting started forming a business any longer, especially when everything can be done in as little as 1 day. 1 day is all you need to get your company successfully incorporated