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3E Accounting International is headquartered in Singapore, with 3E Accounting Pte Ltd serving as the primary connection point for this global accounting network. Currently, 3E Accounting International has a global presence in about 90 countries worldwide. Offering services beyond excellence through a well-connected global network, 3E Accounting International is trusted among clients for strong professional background, good knowledge within their local jurisdiction, and expert experience in handling clients internationally.

3E Accounting has won many awards that recognized its achievements and contributions to the industry. 3E Accounting is regularly featured in interviews from Singapore Business Review to The Straits Times. The dedicated professionals at 3E Accounting apply outstanding industry experience and deep knowledge of the jurisdiction’s regulatory regime, economic and business landscape to further the business expansion plans of clients.

Pivotal Moments of 3E Accounting’s Developments

Overseas Business Expansion

In 2014, 3E Accounting set up its first overseas office in Malaysia. This was done under the leadership of Lawrence, the Founder and ex-Chief Technology Officer at 3E Accounting where he utilised his extensive experience in the region to build an equivalently strong network in Malaysia that laid a solid foundation for 3E Accounting’s expansion later on.

In 2016, Lawrence championed the establishment of 3E Accounting International, that aimed to offer services beyond excellence through a well-connected global accounting network. Today, it is the largest home-grown global accounting network with an international presence in about 90 countries worldwide. 3E Accounting International was established with a strong professional background, good knowledge within their local jurisdiction and trusted experience in handling clients internationally.

Since then, 3E Accounting built up its core team of experts who are highly experienced and well-versed in areas such as financial, tax, corporate, advisory and regulatory regimes. To date, 3E Accounting has served a client-base of over 4,000 companies and start-ups.

Corporate and Media Accolades

3E Accounting has made significant achievements over the years and gained wide recognition for the contributions it made to both the society and industry. The many awards that 3E Accounting received serve as a testament for its excellency in services rendered and a recognition for the contributions it made e.g., TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award, Executive of the Year (Financial Services), Best Home-grown Global Accounting Network etc. 3E Accounting was regularly featured in media from Singapore Business Review to The Straits Times – Visit by Minister Josephine Teo,  The Straits Times – First SME auditing firm to be unionized and radio interviews on Capital 958FM, 883 JiaFM and a firm believer in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, 3E Accounting’s positive media presence and strong ESG commitment has reinforced 3E Accounting Group as a trusted, reliable and responsible corporate citizen and global firm.

The Way Forward

Driven by both the passion in innovation and an ever-rising demand of newer and better technologies, 3E Accounting and its team now invest much of their efforts in designing and developing game-changing technology solutions to facilitate business needs. This is done in aim to re-engineer traditional business processes using more cutting-edge automated solutions as Singapore progresses towards a Smart Nation.

In support of the Professional Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM), 3E Accounting has set up the Digital Research and Development team and formulated the Digital Master Plan to map out the digital transformation of the business, focusing on the new growth areas in robotic process automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These advanced applications enabled 3E Accounting to deliver customized business advisory and provide most up-to-date cloud-based solutions to clients. Not only do these tools significantly increase the level of work process efficiency, but more importantly, they provide clients with a digital edge amidst competition by alleviating their standing in digitalisation.

Abigail Yu – Director of 3E Accounting Group

Abigail Yu - Director of 3E Accounting Group

Abigail Yu oversees executive leadership, led the operations and strategic directions for the whole 3E Accounting Group, including the IT Solution, public relations and digital marketing functions of the company to drive the overall competitiveness and success of business.

She graduated from National University of Singapore with a honours degree in Communication and New Media, and she was extensively trained and well-versed in business communication matters. Areas of specialisation includes crisis management, financial communication and communication management.

Audaciously ambitious, Abigail has successfully positioned 3E Accounting as the first robotics accounting firm in Asia-Pacific that is driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), branded 3E Accounting as pioneer in spanning robotic business automation (RPA) in the accounting industry and a swift-adapter amidst evolving challenges in COVID-19. These reinforced 3E’s vision as the world’s leading service provider for staying ahead of major market developments and of other competitors.

Moving forward, Abigail will continue developing new strategies to enhance the current positioning of 3E and alleviate its standing for 3E to constantly stay ahead of the game as a market leader in the accounting field.

Desmond Ng – Director

Mr Desmond Ng – Director
Mr Desmond Ng is the Director of 3E Accounting. He is a Professional Business Accountant of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and an Accredited Tax Practitioner (Income Tax) of the Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals (“SCTP”).

Desmond has numerous years of tax experience managing clients’ tax compliance in multiple industries which include incentive award companies. He has deep practical knowledge in the areas of tax compliance including corporate tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and individual tax. Desmond provides advice to clients on tax issues relating to corporate tax, withholding tax, indirect tax, individual tax as well as tax due diligence assignments in M&A transactions.

Desmond leads an experienced team of dedicated tax professionals in 3E Accounting. As an advocate of professional learning, he is a regular participant at the Budget Seminar, organised by the Tax Academy of Singapore, set up by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore in collaboration with international accounting firms, the ISCA and the Law Society of Singapore.

Our Professional Team

3E Accounting has a collective strength of more than 80 staff working together in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals comprise global talent from the Big Four and Large Accounting Firms, Corporate Service Providers and academia. With the diversity of expertise across accounting, tax, GST, incorporation, immigration, payroll, human resource and corporate secretarial domains, 3E Accounting is truly the One-Stop Solution for all your business needs.

Singapore 3E Accounting Team

3E Accounting Singapore Team

Malaysia 3E Accounting Team

3E Accounting Malaysia Team