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Apply Letter of Consent Application (Dependant’s Pass holders) in Singapore

Package Fee for LOC application
Packages Available Fee (SGD)
Application of Letter of Consent for dependent’s pass holders (including appeal process) $700 (W/GST $763)

Singapore Dependant Pass (DP) is a family member relocation visa issued to spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years) of foreign employees holding a work pass (i.e. an Employment Pass or EntrePass). A separate DP application must be filed for each eligible family member.

Letter of Consent Application (Dependant’s Pass holders)

A Dependant Pass holder’s status in Singapore is tied to the status of the work pass holder. As long as the work pass holder is gainfully employed in Singapore, the DP holder is eligible to live in the country as well as leave and enter Singapore freely without having to apply for a Singapore visa every time.

A Letter of Consent allows a Dependant’s Pass holder to work in Singapore. To be eligible, the applicant must:

  • be a Dependant of an Employment Pass holder
  • secure a job offer with a Singapore employer
  • have a Dependant’s Pass that is valid for at least three months.

The processing time is usually 1 week as we will submit the LOC application online. For Manual submissions, it takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks to process.

The Letter of Consent expires at the same time as your Dependant Pass; therefore you should renew the LOC whenever your DP is renewed.

A Letter of Consent allows a Dependant’s Pass holder to work in Singapore. To be eligible, the applicant must be a Dependant of an Employment Pass holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dependant’s Pass holders are not permitted to work in any company in Singapore.

Dependant’s Pass holders who wish to work for any company in Singapore will require a Letter of Consent from MOM.

LOC holders are permitted to be named as directors and/or shareholders in the company if MOM approval is granted.

Not all LOC applications are approved at the first submission. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) evaluates each applicant based on the applicant’s and hiring company’s credentials. The outcome for LOC applications is given at MOM’s sole discretion.

Factors which may affect the application are:
– Applicant’s age, salary, citizenship, education, professional experience and skills
– Roles and responsibility of the applicant in the new job
– Availability of local workers and economic viability of the company to Singapore

If the initial application of Employment Pass rejected, we will explore the grounds for rejection with MOM and based on the reasons for rejection, an appeal will be filed to address the issues raised by MOM. The processing time for review the appeal application is usually two to three weeks.

Dependant’s Pass holders with a valid Letter of Consent do not have to make any social security contributions to the Central Provident Fund (“CPF” which is applicable to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only). However, the employer (company) is required to contribute a fee to the Skills Development Fund (SDF). SDF contribution or Skills Development Levy (SDL) is paid by employers for all employees up to the first $4,500 of gross monthly remuneration at the rate of 0.25% or $2, which ever is higher.

Letter of Consent Application (Dependant’s Pass holders)