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Exam Leave for Student Employees in Singapore

Exam Leave for Student Employees in SingaporeMany high demand jobs, such as jobs in the fields of teaching or technology, require continued education in order to keep that employee relevant Growing as a person, including obtaining a college degree or new certification, requires dedication from an employee. A person who is willing to better themselves and get an education should be applauded and many companies are beginning to see the importance of these valuable people. Some forward-thinking companies are beginning to offer exam leave for employees who are still in education and need to take exams scheduled on normal working hours.

Many exams are not scheduled on weekends or evenings and may conflict with weekdays work schedules. Therefore, it can be difficult for employees who seek education for themselves to find time to take the exam and thus get the certification that would make them more valuable as employees.

Exam leave may seem like an unusual offering, but it is especially useful for younger workers who are still going to school while working to help pay for that college education. Employees who require time off for exams may actively seek out companies who offer this option, seeing it as necessary for them to be able to work.


The Law on Exam Leave

Exam leave is not a statutory requirement under the Employment Act of Singapore. Since this is a very specific type of leave, it’s not terribly surprising that exam leave is offered at the discretion of the employer.

Since there is no specific law, what is offered is completely up to the companies offering it. Employees need to check the leave policies carefully before signing a contract if they want this kind of leave.
Most companies offer 2 days of leave per subject, if the employee is in college, or maybe limited to the first sitting of a test only if it is for an exam. This is reasonable since you are working and learning at the same time, employees are for the most part expected to balance these things for themselves. Exam leave simply makes it easier to book exams, but should never be unlimited.

Eligibility for exam leave may be restricted to only specific employees, such as those already enrolled in school, or for those who are working in a field that requires the exam. They may also apply only if the employee has gotten approval from the business for taking the exam. Most of the time, these policies are reasonable and fair.

Right now, the Ministry of Manpower encourages lifelong learning and there are many resources in place to support it.


Benefits of Offering Leave to Students

Exam leave is a sound policy to have for competitive businesses. Exam leave will attract the kind of person who truly cares about being the best they can be. An employee that is always striving to better themselves often has the same sort of personality that allows them to excel in their business career as well, making them sought after by most businesses.

If your business specializes in the technology sector, an employee willing to update themselves may save money in the long run, as you will not need to hire on additional people who have knowledge in these newest technologies.

Exam leave should not be looked upon as just another perks the company can offer, but an incentive geared towards attracting the right sort of people. The savvy company can use this perk as a way to ensure the people they hire are dynamic, hardworking, and driven. People who will not only bring their best effort to themselves, but also to the company they work for.