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Singapore Stamp Duty

Thinking of purchasing a property in Singapore? Don’t forget the stamp duty tax that applies whenever you purchase any immovable property.


What Is A Stamp Duty?

Singapore Stamp DutyStamp duties are taxes that are applied to documents involving the transfer of shares, stocks, or immovable properties. Your stamp duty will be computed based on two factors:

  • Consideration of the asset
  • The market value of the asset

The stamp duty will be charged based on which of the above two factors is higher.

Singapore has used stamp duty in recent years as a cooling measure. This was done to ensure that the local property market remains sustainable and stable.


Immovable Properties and Stamp Duties

In Singapore, any immovable property will be subject to three types of stamp duty. The three options are the following:

  • Seller’s Stamp Duty – This stamp duty is applied to residential properties in Singapore. This was introduced by the Singapore Government on 20 February 2010. This stamp duty applies if you sell or dispose of said residential property within the specified holding period.

On 30 August 2010, 13 January 2011, and 10 March 2017, the Seller’s Stamp Duty was revised again. This stamp duty also applies if you Stamp Duty Singapore in Singapore after 12 January 2013.

  • Buyer’s Stamp Duty – This stamp duty is levied on all purchased residential, industrial, and commercial property.
  • Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty – The Singapore government introduced this stamp duty on 8 December 2011. It’s purpose was to help moderate the demand in Singapore for residential property. This was the Government’s way of ensuring property was still affordable for all Singaporeans.

Additional buyer stamp duty is applied in addition to your buyer’s stamp duty (for immovable properties). The additional buyer stamp duty rate was revised on 16 December 2021. Again, this was to help stabilise Singapore’s residential property market and stop the economy from destabilising altogether.


How Much Do I Need to Pay in Stamp Duty?

Buyer stamp duty rates in Singapore are calculated accordingly:

  • 1% – First $180,000 of the property value or purchase price
  • 2% – Next $180,000 of the property value or purchase price
  • 3% – Next $640,000 of the property value or purchase price
  • 4% – On the remaining amount left on your property


Need Assistance with Your Stamp Duty Taxes?

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Singapore Stamp Duty