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Singapore’s Media Industry Digital Plan

Singapore’s Media Industry Digital Plan

The Media Industry Digital Plan (IDP) was launched as part of ongoing efforts by the government to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to become more technologically advanced and embrace digitalization.


Media Industry IDP Digital Roadmap

All IDPs contain a Digital Roadmap which provides a 3-stage guide on digital solutions for SMEs.

Stage 1: Getting the Digital Economy Ready

The first stage will help SMEs streamline business operations and optimise their resources by utilizing digital solutions.

Examples of such digital solutions include:

  • Real-time production/project management
  • Freelance workforce & vendor contract
  • Digital media assets management & optimisation

Stage 2: Growing in the Digital Economy

The second stage outlines more advanced digital solutions to help connect SMEs to the media ecosystem and access new markets which can help maximise business value.

Examples include:

  • Community management &business lead generation
  • Trusted shared creative services
  • Predictive analytics for market expansion & content localisation

Stage 3: Leaping Ahead

The third stage outlines the use of advanced technology that can strengthen the way content is delivered by and increase efficiency through automated processes.

Examples include:

  • Blockchain-enabled digital rights management & monetisation
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled content creation
  • Targeted, personalised, & immersive Experiences


Digital Roadmap for Skills and Training

As the Media Industry expands and progresses, so will the digital skills required.

Members within the Media Industry will require upskilling to keep up with digitalisation and it is best to do this early by providing the relevant training.

IDPs outline two types of courses for basic and advanced users respectively:

  1. Basic Courses
    These are required for all users as they cover important foundations to improve and provide broad-based digital literacy and awareness. Examples of such courses for the Media Industry include:

    • Innovation Mindset
    • Introduction to Project Management
    • Introduction to Revenue Management
    • Skillsfuture for the Digital Workplace
  2. Advanced Courses
    These are recommended for users who want to attain high proficiency in digital skills. Examples of such courses for the Media Industry include:

    • Sound Editing Masterclass
    • Film Directing Masterclass
    • Practical Foundations in AI with Python

The Media Industry IDP also has an additional “Tech Specialist” course for more specialized skills that are needed for the industry. Examples of specialist courses include:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro for Experienced Editors
  • Final Cut Pro X: Professional Post Production
  • Professional Certificate in Interactive Environments – AR/ VR Approach


Additional Support

SMEs are also provided with additional support through basic advisory and specialist consultancy services through SME Centres and SME Digital Tech Hubs. Resources available include self-assessment checklists for digital readiness, consultation to provide digital advisory or project management information, and more.

Singapore’s Media Industry Digital Plan