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Choosing Your Preferred UEN Identification

All businesses and local companies legally operating in Singapore have one thing in common (because it is a requirement) – they all have a Unique Identity Number (UEN Number). A UEN Identification Number in Singapore is a mandatory requirement because businesses will need to rely on it when transacting and dealing with government agencies.

Once a company has been incorporated and registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore, a UEN number will be generated and this is the number which will be used to identify the registered business entity moving forward. This number is generated free of charge for all businesses.

Since the 9th of February 2018, business entity owners have been able to choose their preferred UEN number. For a small fee, business owners can select from a reserved list of UENs during the incorporation and registration process or during conversion. The preferred UEN number is known as a Special UEN or SUN for short. SUNs are optional and if you feel there isn’t a need for your business to choose its own preferred number, you can go ahead and stick with the free system-generated UENs.

UEN Identification Singapore

What is the Purpose of a SUN?

SUNSs are used by business owners to easily identify with their number and more importantly, remember the number whenever they are required to perform any transactions with government agencies. Remember a number you choose is easier than remember a series of randomly generated digits which possibly hold no significant meaning for you.


How Would I Apply for a SUN If I Wanted One?

A SUN can be applied by business owners during the incorporation and registration process or during the conversion to another type of business entity.

The option to select your own SUN will be available during the payment stage for transaction in BizFile.

There are two tiers of SUNs which business entity owners can choose from:

  • Tier 1: For a fee of $3,000 per SUN, your SUN would be a number with either the same consecutive numbers or any combination of numbers which involves the number 8.
  • Tier 2: For a fee of $1,000 per SUN, your SUN number would consist of a repetitive pattern which excludes the number 8. The number would end with the same three identical numbers, for example, 222, 555 or 777.


Examples of SUN under each tier:

Category Criteria Company Business Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Limited Partnership (LP) Public Accounting Firm (PAF)
Tier 1 Consecutive same number 201888888A 53499999V T18LL7777F T18LP2222J T18PF1111P
Any number combination involving ‘8’ 201800800K 53480008L T18LL8000O T18LP0008H T18PF8800X
Tier 2 Repetitive Pattern 
(excluding ‘8’)
201812121R 53410101G T18LL7070F T18LP3535J T18PF1010R
Ending with triple identical number 201801777W 53415666P T18LL1222N T18LP5222S T18PF1666M


 Note: The underlined parts are prefix and suffix of UEN which are system-generated and cannot be changed.

Choosing Your Preferred UEN Identification