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The Guide of Outpatient Health Care Benefits for Employees in Singapore

Outpatient Health Care Benefits for Employees in SingaporeOutpatient health care refers to medical treatment that does not require a day admission or an overnight stay at a medical facility. The treatments and processes are generally cheaper and hence includes in typical health insurance packages. Employees in Singapore that work in such companies can obtain outpatient health care benefits such as general practitioner costs, prescription medication, and diagnostic tests.


Is it Mandatory to Provide Outpatient Health Care Benefits in Singapore?

The Singapore Employment Act does not make it mandatory for employers to provide health insurance. However, the Act does make it compulsory for employers to provide statutory sick leave entitlements for all employees. The Act outlined these minimum requirements when Singaporean employers generally provided these to all levels of employees.

Additionally, it is common practice for private companies in Singapore to provide medical health insurance which typically covers basic outpatient health care benefits. 

Additional coverage may extend to specialist costs, scheduled health check-ups, chiropractic care, and alternative treatment like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


The Importance of Outpatient Health Care Benefits

Singapore is famous to have good health care infrastructure and provides a lot of choices when it comes to first-class medical facilities. However, Singapore’s standard of living and health care costs are rising, hence making it even more important for employees to be able to secure good health coverage.

A majority of employees are high users of outpatient treatments through visits to GPs and specialists. Companies that provide these to their employees can thus help to ensure better well-being and work productivity while standing out from other companies competing to acquire better talent.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that it is becoming common practice for companies in Singapore to provide health insurance coverage that includes outpatient health care benefits.


Attracting Top-tier Talent

Top-tier talents are always looking for the best fit when it comes to their employers. Basic outpatient health care benefits are a minimum requirement and are definitely something that top talents will look at before accepting a job offer. A lot of companies will, therefore, have tailor-made health coverage solutions for their employees to suit the level of talent that they are looking to hire.

Providing employees with such benefits can also help boost employee satisfaction while increasing rates of employee retention and reducing turnover rates. Employers who invest in outpatient health care benefits can thus expect to see returns in creating a better work environment which attracts good talent while ensuring their employees are healthier.