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3E Accounting Singapore Corporate Social Responsibility

At 3E Accounting, we are focused and committed to make a difference in the area of corporate social responsibility. We take CSR seriously and give back to the society where we can. We are aspired to make positive contribution to the society by invigorating lives of people through different forms of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Lions Befrienders Senior Activity Centre - May 2019

Lions Befrienders is a Social Service Organisation which was formed in 1995 by the Lions Clubs of Singapore and a Lions District Project. 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. is glad to conduct an activity to visit all the senior citizen and have a great time enjoying care for the elderly during the visit.   

Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2018 - August 2018

3E Accounting Singapore has join Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2018 – August 2018. This year’s walk bring together people from all fields of the community, partners, volunteers and social service users, to signify a collective effort to build one community that shares, and a nation that cares.

Developing Web Application As Part Of Integrative Team Project – July 2018

3E Accounting Singapore has collaborated with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) students on developing a web application software as part of their Integrative Team Project and completed on 31 July 2018.

Half-Day Trip to River Safari with the Senior Beneficiaries – December 2017

On 15 December 2017, 3E Accounting volunteered to organise a half-day trip to River Safari together with the senior beneficiaries. This event gave the senior beneficiaries an opportunity to visit our famous attraction, River Safari and to interact/get to know the volunteers of 3E Accounting. It was truly an event filled with warmth and enjoyment for the elderly who spend their days in the care centre. The event aimed to show support for the senior beneficiaries and also provide an encouraging and fulfilling endeavour for the volunteers of 3E Accounting.

Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017 – September 2017

On 9 September 2017, 3E Accounting participated in the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2017 held in Marina Bay Sands. It was a meaningful walk that brings together people from all parts of the community, partners, volunteers and beneficiaries, to signify a collective effort to build one community that shares, and a nation that cares.

Together with the seniors in need, 3E Accounting enjoyed a 4-km morning walk along the picturesque Marina Bay, showing their care and support for an inclusive nation.

Invited by WSG as the Panel of Interviewers, July 2017

WSG Workshop - Panel of Interviewers
On 19 July 2017, WSG (Workforce Singapore) has invited the Director of 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd., as one of the panel of interviewers for their workshop. The participants of this workshop are job-ready PMETs from Career Centres, who needs some help in their last mile of their job search. This workshop allows PMETs to learn how to develop an elevator pitch and marketing tactics to gain confidence in pitching their Unique Selling Points to employers and handling interview questions.
In addition, the interviews with the panel of interviewers allow PMETs to understand and adapt to the changing demands of the employment market, equipping them with the skills to better manage and understand themselves in order to achieve a higher rate of success. It helps them to locate their next job opportunity with a more polished personal identity and concerted efforts in building their next career.

Firms Offering More Leave for New Mums – The Straits Times, March 2017

Firms offering more leave for new mums
Firms offering more leave for new mums

The Straits Times has highlighted 3E Accounting in their article, Firms offering more leave for new mums, on 28 March 2017. Despite being a local small and medium-sized enterprise, 3E Accounting understands the importance of work-life balance and has implemented policies that help working parents in the company. 3E Accounting will be giving six weeks of unpaid infant-care leave on top of the Government’s maternity, adoption and paternity leave.

The firm’s flexible working hours arrangement have also attracted female staff, who account for 22 of its 24-strong headcount. Mr Lawrence Chai, Managing Director of 3E Accounting, believed that work-life balance is really important. Thus, the company wants to look at social responsibility as well, and not just making money.

Educational Company Visit for Nanyang Polytechnic Students – January 2017

Nanyang Poly Students Visit

Connecting the classroom to real-world learning, company visits are a great way to connect academic theories taught in the classroom to the workforce. We are happy to have the students from Nanyang Polytechnic to visit our company on 10 January 2017, where they get to learn about the company and how adopting technology in 3E Accounting has enhanced work productivity. We hope the visit has offer students an opportunity to not only meet industry professionals, but also getting involved and gaining in-depth knowledge with insider views into the work and culture.

On-going Recycling Initiatives – December 2016 to Present

Recycling Campaign

3E Accounting understands the importance of recycling and is dedicated to help the environment by establishing an on-going office recycling program where recyclable items are being sorted out accordingly and sent for recycling. Apart from that, 3E Accounting also conducted a training program to educate and raise awareness about recycling and its impact on the environment for all staffs.

Beach Clean-up Initiative – November 2016

Beach Clean Up Initiative

On 12 November 2016, 3E Accounting organised a beach clean-up initiative aimed to support the move towards a clean and green environment. The activity was held in East Coast Park where our staffs volunteered to get involved in our first litter picking activity to provide a more sustainable environment. We greatly appreciate their efforts in keeping our nation clean and we would like to continue to create environmental awareness within the company.

SAF Care Fund – September 2016

SAF Care Fund – September 2016

In September 2016, 3E Accounting has supported SAF Care Fund. The contribution will be channeled in helping to improve the quality of life for our servicemen who were severely injured in the call to defend the nation.

Employee Protection Efforts during Zika Outbreak - The Straits Times, September 2016

Singapore Zika Awareness

The Straits Times highlighted the employee protection efforts of 3E Accounting during the Zika outbreak. 3E Accounting bought $1,500 worth of mosquito repellents and installed them in their Singapore office for the team of 26 employees to ensure they are well-protected from the risk of Zika. Pregnant women employees are also given the flexibility to work from home so that they don’t have to travel to & from work and expose themselves to the risk of getting infected. We would like to thank The Straits Times for appreciating our efforts during the Zika outbreak.

Launch of Dear KKH SG50 Commemorative Book - November 2015

KKH Book Launch

3E Accounting is proud to be invited to KKH’s exclusive SG50 Commemorative Book Launch. Being one of the Benefactors of KKH Health Endowment Fund, we are pleased to be able to help those in need and give whenever we can. We are extremely honoured to have our organisation on the hall of fame in KKH and we would like to thank KKH for the invitation to the meaningful event.

World Vision Singapore - October 2015

World Vision Singapore - October 2015

3E Accounting donate to a wide range of charitable causes. In October 2015, 3E Accounting supported the World Vision towards relief efforts in the Middle East. The contribution will be channeled to where it is most urgently needed for the Syrian refugee crisis, helping to provide basic necessities and financial support for families, so children are able to go to school.

KKH Health Endowment Fund - August 2015

KKH Health Endowment Fund

In August 2015, 3E Accounting supported the KKH Health Endowment Fund, as part of the KKHHEF Give Campaign, helping families to alleviate their financial burden. 3E Accounting GIVES because every women and child deserves good health.

KKH Health Endowment Fund - January 2015

KKH Health Endowment Fund

3E Accounting contributed to KKH Health Endowment Fund on January 2015, allowing families to focus on caring for their loved ones and helping them get better. The support will also benefit KKH’s research and education in women’s and children’s diseases and help advance the future of medical science.

Association for Persons with Special Needs - October 2014

Association for Persons with Special Needs - October 2014

3E Accounting supported the APSN – Association for Persons with Special Needs, to help their work in managing special schools that provide education and training to persons with mild intellectual disability.

ASSISI Hospice - August 2014

ASSISI Hospice - August 2014

3E Accounting contributed in supporting many patients suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illness under ASSISI In-Patient, Home and Day Centre Care. With the growing awareness and acceptance of hospice care for the terminally ill, ASSISI is supporting more patients from all ages, races and religion.

World Vision Singapore - November 2013

World Vision Singapore - November 2013

3E Accounting embarks on initiatives that support positive and sustainable changes for underprivileged children, such as child sponsorship programme. Here at 3E Accounting, we believes that taking this step will create a lasting difference in their lives and future.