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Cybersecurity Work-from-home Safety Tips


Keep Your Data Safe While You Work Remotely

Cybersecurity Safety Tips on Remote WorkingWith the COVID-19 situation, more companies and employees have resorted to working from home. This guide will provide cybersecurity tips to keep your data safe.

With the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) implementing more stringent social distancing measures, companies and employees are moving to telecommuting. With the bulk of the workload being done remotely, sensitive data and information are exposed to a greater risk. Cyber threats are waiting for an opportunity to strike. It’s imperative that cybersecurity measures be implemented to avoid phishing and scams and the loss of sensitive data.


Why the Need for Cybersecurity?

For many businesses and employees, working from home is something new. Working remotely for the first time, many are not equipped or up to date on how they can keep their data and devices safe. Safety and security are a top priority, especially where confidential information is concerned.

Here are some cybersecurity safety tips you can implement as you work remotely:

  • Secure your Wi-Fi and router passwords always. It is recommended that you regularly change your passwords. Choose strong passwords that would be difficult to guess.
  • Consult your company’s IT department if you are unsure how to proceed with a certain situation.
  • Only use devices supplied by your designated employer. This minimises the risk of accidental data exposure or loss that could happen when you use your own devices.
  • Update your software regularly to protect against threats and malware.
  • Employers should do their part to ensure staff are equipped with basic knowledge about cybersecurity.
  • Equip employees with VPN access for an added layer of security.
  • Encourage employees to use cloud-based platforms as much as possible.


In remote working situations, you might experience slower network speeds. Outages and slowdowns may occur, and it’s important to remain patient during this time. Always contact your IT department for any assistance if needed.

Cybersecurity Safety Tips on Remote Working