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Finances And Grants in Singapore

This page provides detail information about how to apply for Finances And Grants, which include private equity financing, private debt financing, and government grants in Singapore. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organized in categories below.

Government Grants
Singapore Government Grants – Financing Schemes and Assistance
There are various option of seeking assistance and funds from the Singapore government (in most cases available for all Singaporean entrepreneurs and majority-owned Singapore entities, Continue reading →

Going for Public Listing in Singapore
Going for Public Listing in Singapore
Private Singapore companies elect to go public for various motives, such as raising more capital, enhancing their financial standing and status, and boosting the public’s fascination in the company and its products. Continue reading →

Private Debt Financing
Private Debt Financing For Singapore Companies
Debt funding is one of the choices for first-time business owners who are hunting for small loans or capital to start up their business. Unlike equity financing in which investors acquire equity stakes in the ongoing company, Continue reading →

Private Equity Financing
Private Equity Financing for Singapore Companies
The way equity financing works is that you sell a portion of the ownership of your company for cash. Investors take on all the risk, meaning that if the company goes bankrupt, investors are wiped out. Continue reading →

Work-Life Balance Schemes
Government Schemes to Improve Staff Work-Life Balance
Maintaining work-life balance has become a more and more important goal for almost every employee and Singaporean government is encouraging employers to cultivate and promote a good work-life balance in their company. Continue reading →

Government Grants to support your Human Resources functions
Government Grants to Support your Human Resources Functions
Singaporean government has rolled out grants and schemes to aid the new start-ups and SMEs in the country as well as to support SMEs to be more competitive and building up a better work place in Singapore. Continue reading →
Government-backed loans
Singapore Government-backed Loan
When talked about business loans available in Singapore, the government-backed loans always make the list. Offered through Participating Financial Institutions, the government-backed SME loans are ideal as the resources for working capital, equipment/factory financing and trade financing. Continue reading →
Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) in Singapore
Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) in Singapore
Lack of expertise, insufficient business fund, lack of time, are among the major obstacles that smaller and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) face while undergoing digital transformation. The Singaporean government has setup Productivity Solutions Grant (“PSG”) to help businesses to adopt technology solutions as well as to streamline existing schemes under a single platform. Continue reading →