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Services of Virtual Office in Singapore

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A virtual office in Singapore gives more benefits and almost no drawbacks if compared to a brick-and-mortar office. Thus, many companies that involve technology in the business process opt to shutter their office and send their employees home to work and use virtual office address Singapore. This is even a more likeable choice for the business owners who operate their companies remotely, from their home or country, as those who register for company incorporation in Singapore.

Virtual Offices in Singapore

The shift from a traditional office environment to a virtual office brings good for everyone: both employers and employees. The use of a virtual office to replace the physical office eliminates commute time and reduces both overhead and operational costs. More interestingly, it is responsible for lower turnover rates, low to no technology costs, and greater access to worldwide talent. As for the employees, working from home increases their flexibility, productivity, passion for work, and availability for social interactions. With a bunch of benefits offered by this modern way of running a business remotely, it would be a pity not to engage with the services of a virtual office in Singapore.

Virtual Offices in Singapore

3E Accounting Pte Ltd. is a leading company that offers a wide variety of services of a virtual office in Singapore. The services include:

#1. Registered Address

A registered address increases a company’s credibility and reliability. More importantly, it is one of the requirements to register a company in Singapore. The address would act as a mailing address that is stated on corporate stationery such as letterheads, name cards, or souvenirs. With a registered address from virtual office services, you can avoid the high overhead and operational costs associated with monthly rentals of office premises while increasing your company’s profitability.


#2. Phone Forwarding

A phone forwarding is a useful service to engage with if you want to divert company phone calls to a Singapore/overseas mobile or fixed line? This service helps provide a specific business phone line in Singapore and allows you to fully have control over it. With the service, phone calls would be a rich experience for your clients which can increase their confidence in your company.


#3. Call Answering

With the dynamic changes and so many activities occupying your business, you may only have a short period of time thinking about increasing your customer support through professional call answering. Associated courses and training would cost a lot of money and put your company’s finance at risk. In times like this, call answering service is a great solution to handling all incoming calls during your preferred working hours. Besides, the phone line can be stated on your corporate stationery as well.


#4. Fax Number

In many cases, fax mailing is more trusted and convenient for business than general mailing or electronic mailing. That is why fax number plays an important role in your business’ growth, not merely a series of number to display on your corporate letterheads, websites, name cards, forms, or souvenirs. The service helps deliver all faxes delivered directly to your email in 24/7.

3E Accounting

#5. Meeting Room Support

A fully-featured, convenient meeting room increases your confidence in the eye of your clients. Having your meeting room situated in an elite environment like Goldhill Plaza leaves good impressions to whoever you are going to have a meeting with. Wireless internet connection, screen, projector, and presentation laptop, all of the high quality ensures your meeting run smoothly.

Virtual Office Services

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