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Corporate Compliance Requirement – SingPass Verification, CorpPass Registration and Third Party Authorisation

SingPass Verification

With effect from 11 April 2021, entities are to use SingPass instead of Corppass to login to Government digital services. This is to simplify the process where entities will now log in to CorpPass Portal with Singpass either via QR scanning or Password login for corporate transactions. This is unlike the past, where users had to log in to CorpPass Portal using a CorpPass ID and Password for each UEN.

With the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) for SingPass, the prior risk of employees sharing their SingPass details for corporate work is mitigated. For users who have to transact on behalf of multiple entities, this change will remove the need to manage different sets of CorpPass login credentials.


CorpPass Account Registration

The CorpPass portal is owned by the Ministry of Finance and managed by the Government Technology Agency, also known as GovTech. Corppass and SingPass are two different systems. While SingPass is used to verify users for logins, CorpPass will continue to be the authorisation system for corporate transactions. The CorpPass portal enables company administrators to specify the digital services that each employee can transact on the company’s behalf.

CorpPass Account registration and maintenance is part of our Corporate Secretarial Services. By engaging our Secretarial Services, we will be your CorpPass Administrator and handle your CorpPass on your behalf.

The CorpPass Admin and CorpPass Sub-Admin is able to do transacting with digital services in Singapore


What CorpPass Will Do For Businesses

A lot of business transactions were conducted through digital entities such as SingPass and EASY. As multiple digital identities can sometimes be confusing to keep track of and users may become wary about the level of security for transactions conducted online, CorpPass was introduced to progressively replace SingPass/EASY and agency-issued login IDs for local entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and foreign entities. CorpPass officially replaced SingPass and EASY as the ONLY login mechanism for business transactions with government digital services with effect from 1 September 2018.

CorpPass’s single corporate digital identity structure enhances the level of convenience for users, especially those who conduct transactions with multiple government agencies because they will not need to handle multiple login identities anymore. This allows businesses to have a greater level of control as well since they will be able to grant access and manage the employees access to these digital government services.


Foreigners without SingPass

Foreign users need to register and activate the SingPass Account (Foreign User) to retrieve a Singpass ID to set up the SingPass app. Thereafter, the CorpPass services can be accessed by logging in with the SingPass Foreign user Account (SFA).


Registering for a CorpPass

There are four types of CorpPass account to choose from:

  • The CorpPass Administrator account (CorpPass Admin)
  • The CorpPass Sub-Administrator account (CorpPass Sub-Admin)
  • The CorpPass Enquiry User account
  • The CorpPass User account

The CorpPass Admin and CorpPass Sub-Admin are able to perform transactions with digital services, view the entity’s details on CorpPass, create other CorpPass accounts and manage the users and digital services access. The CorpPass Enquiry User is only able to transact with digital services and view the entity details on CorpPass, while the CorpPass user account is only able to transact with digital services and nothing more.

A Registered Officer (RO) of a company with a SingPass account can register him/herself or nominate someone with SingPass to be a CorpPass Administrator and register for a Corppass account for the company. Each company can register for a maximum of 2 CorpPass Administrator. All users would also need to be a SingPass account holder. A CorpPass Administrator can be nominated by a RO.

The RO will be able to approve, view and terminate the CorpPass Administrator accounts by logging in with their SingPass on the CorpPass website.

CorpPass Registration and Third Party Authorisation

For more information, please refer to the Step-by-Step Guide and Self-Help Videos available at

See the videos below for detailed guidance from 3E Accounting on acquiring a CorpPass.


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