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Singapore Import Tax on Duties & Dutiable Goods

Singapore Import Tax – Duties & Dutiable GoodsGoods which are imported or manufactured in Singapore will be subject to the Singapore import tax on duties and dutiable goods.

These goods will be subjected to Singapore’s customs duty and/or excise duty. Customs duties in Singapore are levied upon goods which have been imported into the country, and this excludes excise duty.

Excise duty, on the other hand, is levied upon goods which have been manufactured or imported into Singapore. There are four categories which encompass dutiable goods, which are motor vehicles, petroleum products and biodiesel blends, tobacco products and intoxicating liquors. Duties on these goods are taxed based on ad valorem or specific rates.

Ad valorem rates refer to the percentage of the goods’ customs value. Specific rates are when goods are taxed based on the specified amount per unit of the weight or quantity. A list of other dutiable goods in Singapore can be found here.

How to Calculate the Payable Duties

Under the Singapore import tax on duties and dutiable goods, the payable duties amount for the four categories of goods mentioned above will be calculated in the following manner:

  • Payable Duties for Intoxicating Liquors
    • Total quantity in litres x Excise/Customs duty rate x % of alcoholic strength.
    • Payable duties for alcoholic products = Total dutiable quantity in kg x Customs duty rate
    • This calculation is applicable for alcoholic products with duty rates which are based on the dutiable content (volume/weight)
  • Payable Duties for Tobacco Products
    • Total weight in kg x Excise duty rate
    • Duties payable for cigarette products = Total number of cigarette sticks x Weight of the individual sticks (calculated based on every gram or part thereof) x Excise duty rate
  • Payable Duties for Motor Vehicles
    • Customs value x Excise duty rate
  • Payable Duties for Petroleum and Biodiesel Blends
    • Petroleum products = Total volume x Excise duty rate
    • Biodiesel blends = Volume of diesel x Excise duty rate
    • Compressed natural gas (CNG) = Total weight x Excise duty rate