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Singapore Corporate Income Tax Calculator

For people around the world who are looking to start a new business, Singapore is a breath of fresh air. Other than its unique geography as the strategic location to play as the financial hub in the region, the first-class facilities, high-level workforce as well as attractive tax incentives have transformed the island into a hotspot for investors and business startups.

According to Singapore tax law (where it follows a territorial tax system), a company is required to file returns only on income accrued in or derived from Singapore or any income received in Singapore from outside Singapore that results from the following:

  • Profits from any trade or business;
  • Investments by the company
  • Royalties, premiums and any other profits of similar nature
  • Other gains of an income nature.

The process for filing corporate tax returns is might be a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are always solutions that can save your time and let you manage tax filing in a hassle free manner.

With our corporate tax calculator, you will be able to get a quick tax calculation adjustments that help you to estimate and accurately forecast your tax payable amounts.


How it works

  1. About this calculator
    This calculator will work out tax rates, obligations and projected tax payables.
  2. When to use this calculator
    • if your company are completing an income tax return, and
    • once you know what your company total taxable income is, then you can work out the tax on that taxable income.
  3. What you will need
    • you will need your company’s profit / chargeable income for the tax calculation.

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