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3E Accounting Supports Fair Employment Practices and Work-Life Balance in Singapore

Though the accounting industry is notorious for its long hours of bookkeeping, meetings, and paperwork (especially during tax season), things are different at 3E Accounting. As an Employer Of Choice, we understand that we have the responsibility to help all our staff juggle the demands of their work and personal lives by implementing Singapore fair employment practices and Singapore fair employment policy. We believe that healthy Singapore work-life balance, Singapore fair employment policy and Singapore fair employment practices are not only crucial for employees’ health and relationships, but increase work performance and boost productivity.

These are many ways that employers can promote work-life balance Singapore, and fair employment practices Singapore in the office without compromising productivity. At 3E Accounting, we incorporate technology and flexible working arrangements as part of our strategy to promote Singapore work-life balance and fair employment Singapore. Leveraging the Government Schemes to improve staff work-life balance, we are proud to be the first accounting firm that implemented the revolutionary double robotic technology to provide our staff with a flexible working environment. Double robotic technology allows people to be reached virtually anywhere, anytime. It has also helped our employees to work smarter, and thus create a culture of work-life harmony for our employees who can focus on career and managing personal and family commitments. On top of that, we understand our employees’ childcare duties do not always stop when they leave for work in the morning. It is a known fact that family-friendly work environments have benefited both employers and employees in many different industries. As a Pro Family employer, 3E Accounting has set up a nursery for working mothers to bring their children to the office when there is no one to take care of their children. Our nursery room also doubles up as a nursing room for nursing mothers.

3E Accounting Support Fair Employment Practices and Work Life Balance in Singapore


3E Accounting Supports Work-Life Harmony in Singapore

3E Accounting enjoys an exemplary reputation as a Pro Family employer with strong work life harmony. Our comprehensive implementation of fair employment policy makes us very attractive to employees and we tend to draw a strong talent pool for new job openings. Fair employment practices in 3E Accounting support the growth of a fair and inclusive workplace that helps our employees perform to his or her full potential. By having an inclusive workplace that values the strengths and contributions of each individual employee and leverages his or her abilities, skill, knowledge and experiences, we have also seen higher employee retention rates, and a higher degree of in-house expertise (due to the low turnover rate). Our efforts in promoting work-life harmony have attracted the attention of many people, including a visit from Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs Mrs Josephine Teoradio interviews on 95.8FM and 938LIVE and a slew of media coverage in national publications, both online and offline.

It is because of our commitment to creating a strong Singapore work-life balance  culture that was the key factor resulting in us becoming the proud winner of TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016 and one of the leading accounting firms in Singapore. In addition to this, 3E Accounting was proud to be recognised as the pioneer batch for human capital partnership as well as one of the Early Adopters of Tripartite Standards.

3E Accounting will continue our steadfast support for Families For Life, with a range of activities such as “Bring Your Family to Work Day” and “Eat With Your Family Day” to encourage bonding between employees and their families.

In today’s rapidly changing business world, employers are trying their very best to attract a diverse group of talent. 3E Accounting recognizes the value of diversity. We believe in creating an inclusive workplace that values the strengths and contributions of each individual employee and leverages his or her abilities, skill, knowledge and experiences. This helps us attract the very best talent and develop sustainable employment opportunities anchored in a strong Singaporean core and a globally competitive, diverse workforce.

We believe in cultivating a work environment that encourages learning, innovation, and the spirit of continuous improvement, to achieve optimal business results in a manpower lean economy.

While the right perks, employee incentives, and remuneration packages are often perceived as the most valuable tools for attracting and retaining top talent, there is another major consideration to keep in mind – the work culture. At 3E Accounting, we strive to provide all staff with a balanced and smart working environment that helps each and every one of our employees to achieve the goal of work-life harmony Singapore. Join us today and be part of the excellent team!

3E Accounting Support Fair Employment Practices and Work Life Balance in Singapore