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Business Continuity Plan BCP Policy for Workplace by 3E Accounting Singapore

3E Accounting Singapore - Business Continuity Plan BCP Policy for Workplace Measures
At 3E Accounting, our Business Continuity Policy enables our operations to run with minimal interruption. The purpose of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is to create a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to the organisation. The policy ensures that employees and assets are protected and safe in the event of a crisis. BCP enables organisations to activate and implement pre-prepared plans such as telecommuting, remote working, flexi-work arrangements and client screening and carry on operations before, during crisis and prepare for crisis recovery.

3E Accounting appoints Safe Management Officer (SMO) and union member to attend training at NTUC U SME.


The Purpose of BCP

The hallmark of an effective organisation and a responsible member of the business community is having a BCP that protects not only business operations but takes care of your employees and stakeholders in society in times of crisis.

Crises comes in all forms, frequencies and extent, such as:

  1. Disease or outbreak of infection, such as H5N1, SARS and the more recent COVID-19.
  2. Natural disaster, such as earthquake, typhoon, storm and severe flooding.
  3. Fire disaster, which can vary from small office fire to those engulfing entire geographical areas.
  4. Power outage, which can vary from individual premise to those impacting an entire city.
  5. Security incidents, which can vary from petty theft, unauthorized access into premise and terrorism.
  6. Upstream and downstream supply chain disruption, which involves the abrupt exit or unavailability of your key suppliers or customers.

Business Continuity Plan BCP Policy for Workplace Measures

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If you need help and advice on preparing Business Continuity Plan, do contact 3E Accounting Singapore at or via our contact us form to further assist you on your Business Continuity Plan or BCP Policy setup.