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Tax Services in Singapore | Singapore Tax Services

Taxation3E Accounting Singapore offers a full range of tax services in Singapore, along with accounting services in Singapore, to businesses. 3E Accounting’s taxation services are flexible depending on the unique needs and actual conditions of your company. Our experienced tax professionals will handle the taxes that your company is entitled to. They have expertise in taxes and strong awareness of the benefits that the government is offering. Thus, engaging with our services will help you save money and give you ample time to focus on the growth of your company. Through tax advice and assistance, our staff will enlighten you on the various aspects of taxes including tax deductions and tax breaks.

Through the following tax services in Singapore, we help your company show goodwill through concern in legal compliance.

Tax Services in Singapore

Company Income Tax

A company must have efficient tax management and, with the assistance of our tax professionals, this goal is a lot easier to attain. Our professionals, who are registered as members of the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals, will help you plan effective tax strategies. Use our company taxation package to avoid the tax implications of every decision you make which will cost you a lot of money. Find out more on Company Income Tax

Company Income Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST refers to a consumption tax levied on nearly all goods and services in Singapore. Companies with over S$1-million taxable supplies of goods and services must register for GST and submit quarterly GST returns. Our tax professionals will guide you in completing the registration form and completing the GST course. Find out more on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) Review

ASK is a self-assessment package designed to help companies manage their GST compliance effectively. Taking the package from 3E Accounting means you will have a personal consultant to go through all stages of the ASK process. Find out more on GST ASK Review

GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) Review

Personal Income Tax

Personal income tax is not as complicated as corporate tax. Even, the personal income tax rates in Singapore are among the lowest in the world. To know your personal income tax, you must first determine some factors such as the tax residency, amount of chargeable income, and the progressive tax rate. This may be a lot of works for a busy individual. Thus, our professionals are always ready with our superior assistance. Find out more on Personal Income Tax

Apply Certificate of Residence (COR)

The Government of Singapore has concluded numerous Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) with foreign jurisdictions, allowing companies in Singapore to enjoy tax benefits for cross-border transactions. Being a Singapore tax resident is the main criteria to enjoy such tax benefits.

A Certificate of Residency (COR) is required in order to certify its Singapore tax residency. Our professionals can assist in the application of the COR for tax benefits under the DTA. Find out more on Apply Certificate of Residence


Documents in which the stamp duty is paid to have a strong position in the law and can be used as court evidence in cases of misunderstandings or disagreements. E-stamping is a convenient way to stamp your documents from anywhere. Find out more on E-Stamping

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is the pricing of goods, services, and also intangibles between involved parties such as head offices, branches, representative offices, and subsidiaries. Transfer pricing is a good tool to avoid corporate tax. To make an effective transfer pricing strategy, use our transfer pricing service. Find out more on Transfer Pricing

Tax Equalization

Tax equalization is important to avoid any tax implications of the assignment of someone to work in a foreign country such as different tax rates, and double taxation. This tax process makes sure that the assigned one will not suffer from the tax consequences. To better protect your income from such consequences, use our tax equalization service as well as other tax services in Singapore. Find out more on Tax Equalization

Withholding Tax Services

Singapore withholding tax is the tax charged to a non-resident company or individual that derives income from a Singapore source for providing services or carrying out work in Singapore. When payment is made by a Singapore company or individual to a non-resident for services, a certain percentage of that payment is required to be withheld.

GST Registration

In Singapore, a company is still allowed to register for GST on a voluntary basis even if the turnover is below the expected $1 million. For companies who wish to do so on a voluntary basis, it is advised that they first perform a cost-benefit analysis on the impact that GST registration will have on the business and reporting process.

Taxation Services

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