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Services of Legal in Singapore

Singapore is universally recognized as a reputable business hub and also a world-business financial centre. This nation has a stringent and fair legal framework supported with strong laws and fair courts that, entrepreneurs and investors believe, are able to provide their businesses with sufficient protection over their investments and assets. The problem is no matter how excellent the legal system of Singapore is, it is not something that everybody can grasp within a relatively short period of time. The solution to this unfortunate situation is always outsourcing a firm providing legal services in Singapore that is competent enough to make a world of difference during your business history in Singapore.


The information set out below does not constitute legal advise. We recommend you to speak with our affiliated lawyers should you have any legal queries.

#1. Legal Services

We are able to introduce you to widely acclaimed legal services firms in Singapore, who we have been working closely with. They will be able to give professional advice and assistance in legal matters. The firms have helped an incredibly big number of corporate clients to make high-value, complex, and multi-tiered transactions that comply with legal jurisdictions as well as geographical boundaries work.

They possess deep, core philosophy that makes them our lasting partners in legal services. The firms are commited and dedicated to providing the most effective solutions that are also innovative and practical. With the time sensitivity of business and financial transactions, they are capable of delivering top-notch quality of legal assistance within the required timeline. With their expertise, experience and core philosophy, many of our clients have been repeatedly appointing them as their legal advisors.

The firms are offering legal services in Singapore specialising in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Energy and Projects
  • Aircraft Purchase and Financing
  • Construction and Engineering Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Asset and Wealth Management
  • Setting up Business Oversea

Legal Services in Singapore

With the proliferation of business interests in Singapore and its neighbouring countries, as well as the significant growth of an international workforce, companies urgently need a legal firm to give assistance in understanding, navigating, coordinating, and managing the complexities in the legal matters including employment laws and policies. The legal services firms have pools of highly regarded and widely experienced lawyers that have excellent competencies to provide support in relation to employment laws and a broad range of legal issues. Their expertise and experience have brought them to a unique position to give you the most strategic yet practical solutions to your problems associated with multi-national corporations and other legal matters. Their team are proven to have a good sense of business development to rapidly understand your situations and offer you with the required services.


#2. Trademark Registration

Trademarks are symbols used by a company to distinguish their goods or services from others’ in the market. There are two corporate symbols often used for this purpose namely ® and TM with each referring to a different meaning. ® refers to a trademark registered and, therefore, protected under trademark laws while TM refers to a trademark not yet registered or protected under trademark laws. The trademark symbols can be of any forms including unique brands, letters, numerals, words, names, logos, signatures, shapes, colors, labels, tickets, aspects of packaging and a combination of these in relation to certain protected goods or services.
Registering your trademarks is important especially for long-term benefits and if you plan on taking your business into a bigger scale. Below are benefited you obtain by registering your trademark:

  1. Quality Assurance
    The use of the trademark implies quality assurance to your clients or customers. It silently delivers a message to them that you take your business seriously and into a professional level and for all that, you are proud of it and everything you have invested in it.
  2. Legal Rights
    Trademark allows better control and protection over your goods and services. If the rights upon the trademark are claimed by two or more parties, you possess absolute rights to win the case and to go to court to rectify any imitation and/ or infringement of your brand or good name.
  3. Branding
    As your business grows; problems related to legal matters are prone to arise including the use of your goods and services by authorized parties that take benefits economically from it. Trademark can prevent this from happening and, if it does occur, you can file this to the court for seeking out protection and compensations.
  4. International Legal Protection
    Trademark you register in Singapore will have legal protection in 83 countries that are signatories to the Nice Convention or through the Madrid Protocol System. So, your position in international legal protection over your trademark is strong enough to play in the global trading market.

Trademark Registration

Interested in registering your trademark with our legal services in Singapore? We can help you get up to 400 percent in tax rebates from the Singapore Government!


#3. Wealth Management Services

Owning and managing wealth entails much more than meets the eye. For one, there is a need for proper tax planning and a sound investment plan. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with this area and most lack the knowledge and expertise needed for proper management.

Here, at 3E Accounting, we offer high-level professional service, combining both financial and investment advice as well as tax services and retirement planning. The service is offered through our affiliated lawyers who will help you professionally manage your money and plan for your family’s needs.


#4. Business Partnership Disputes Resolution

Among the business disputes, partnership disputes are the most common type of business dispute. A partnership dispute could be a destructive factor in the everyday activities of the business and can fail a business. Among the many reasons that cause a dispute, a weak or completely missing partnership agreement always play the game. A business dispute usually surfaces when a business faces some financial problem. In other words, financial obligations could be said as the prime catalyst for partnership disputes.

If you’re anticipating rocky waters with your partner, get the best quality legal advice at a fixed-fee rate with us. We have the experienced affiliated lawyer that can help you to dissolve the disputes on a good note.


#5. Legal Help in Personal Data Protection

Personal data refers to data about an individual who can be identified from that data; or from the information combined with any other information that is in the possession of the person or organisation holding the information. Basic personal data includes name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, and bank account details. In Singapore, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) develops a data protection law that involves different rules in governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data.

If you have questions about personal data protection, especially in legal action, be it you are unsure of how the PDPA works or ways to prevent leak of personal data in your company, our professional team will take a holistic, strategic approach to look at the data breach problem. What’s more, our affiliate lawyer will help you to deal with regulator and setup data protection system.


#6Intellectual Property Services

In many businesses, intellectual property safeguards more than just an idea or a concept as it protects genuine business assets. Unlike physical business assets such as computers or office space, intellectual property is a collection of ideas and concepts. In other words, it is the ownership of ideas.

According to Meriam Webster, Intellectual Property (IP) refers to property (like idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the human mind or intellect as well as an application, right, or registration relating to this. Simply put, intellectual property means whatever creation of the human mind [for which exclusive rights] is recognised.


#7. Preparing of Joint Venture Agreement

Are you and your partner interested in working together on a venture, but not sure how to go about it? 3E Accounting has got you covered, and we can help you with just that. There are many reasons as to why two or more people would pool their resources together into a joint business venture and the results of such an alliance are almost always beneficial for the entrepreneurs involved. Certain benefits include having more resources, larger production capacity, increased technical expertise and more distribution channels, provided the two or more parties collaborate well with one another. Such ventures open up doors for many opportunities which are profitable and lucrative. The learn on preparing of Joint Venture Agreement and start collaborating towards a mutually beneficial venture!


#8. Drafting and Reviewing of Sales and Purchase Agreement

There will come a time where businesses, big, medium or small will have to face sales and purchase agreement. The sales and purchase contract are essential to ensure you and your business are protected against any mishaps and for the purposes of due diligence as well. Therefore, the basic of drafting and reviewing of sales and purchase agreement is a must-know for all entrepreneur in the industry. Find out more below.


#9. Drafting and Reviewing of Shareholder Agreement

Shareholders or stockholders are the biggest players in a company. Stockholders own at least one share of the total company stock also known as equity. In a company, the shareholders are immensely important as they are the major investors who funded the company with financial help. Therefore, it goes without saying that shareholders have a massive fiduciary responsibility and play a vital role in the makings of a company and driving it forward. A shareholder agreement is not made compulsory by law, but it is imperative that we recognise the significance and the seriousness of having the said agreement. If you want to learn the art of drafting and reviewing of a shareholder agreement, read on!


#10. Debt Recovery and Letter of Demand

At 3E Accounting, our associates can help you with your debt recovery process and issue a Letter of Demand on your behalf. Find out how our professional and affordable solutions are the answer. For businesses big and small, the debt recovery process is unique to each situation. You need the proper guidance and legal advice to navigate your circumstances. This will ease your recovery process significantly when you have the right team on your side. The earlier you recover your debt, the higher the chances you don’t have to go to court.


#11. Review of Collective Agreement Services in Singapore

Need a review of your collective agreement? This guide outlines what this agreement is and how Collective Agreement Services in Singapore can help. A Collective Agreement is a notice that is served to the receiving party. For example, once the employer or the trade union in Singapore has initiated a collective bargaining process, this agreement must be issued. The agreement will be issued by the party who wants to start the negotiations.


#12. Legal Opinion Letter for Cryptocurrency Token Transactions and Token Exchange in Singapore

Singapore has done a fantastic job of keeping abreast of the developments that have happened in the cryptocurrency industry. The one thing that is a necessity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is sound and timely legal advice. In cryptocurrency, legal advice comes in the form of a legal opinion letter. If you intend to set up a cryptocurrency business, then a legal opinion letter is something you must obtain.

Services of Legal in Singapore

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