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Smart Trends – Business Ideas in Singapore

Business Ideas in Singapore Live your entrepreneurial dreams with 3E Accounting’s pocket guide to trending business ideas in Singapore.

Singapore’s moniker as Asia’s Monte Carlo is indeed well earned. It is a buzzing hub of activity that draws start-ups and global businesses like a magnet. Competition can be stiff, but with the right business idea, success can be yours. If the worldwide pandemic has brought out the entrepreneur in you, here are a few business ideas in Singapore to get you started.



If you enjoy being part of the corporate world but don’t want the daily grind, then consider becoming a consultant. The more popular types include Accountants, Management and Business Development Consultant, Training Consultant and HR Consultant. You could also try being a Team-building Consultant and coordinate corporate activities etc.



This is an always-in-demand business activity. You can offer Child Care Services or Elderly Care Services. There is also a great demand for Pet Care Services. If you are a certified nurse, you can also offer more specialized Home Nursing Care Services. Cleaning Services are also a great way to make a tidy profit. Do take note that some of these services will require approval from the appropriate authorities.



If you’re a wordsmith, then there are many avenues to for you to showcase your talent and earn a profit. Copywriters and content writers are always in demand, especially if they have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge. A new idea in this market is to be an Online Dating Profile Writer, which, as its name suggests, requires writing a dating profile that will get your client noticed.



Talented Website Designers are always in demand. If you have a flair for fashion, then Clothing or Jewellery Designer might be more your style. For interior decorators, you can put a positive spin on things by becoming a Feng Shui Interior Designer. There is also a good market for Board Game Designers as board games are starting to see a resurgence of interest.


Cottage Industry

These are small-scale, labour-intensive production activities. A viable idea here is Vertical Farming. Singapore does not have much arable land, and there is always a good market for organic vegetables. If you’re good at sewing, then invest in a reliable sewing machine as Tailoring is a good business idea.



All things online are now trending, and Singaporeans are on course to spend more than five billion USD by 2025. Good business ideas include Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, E-retailing of your business, such as Home Cooked Meals, Online Tutorials, etc.


From Business Ideas to Action

Building your own business from scratch needn’t be a nightmare. Fundamental processes such as company incorporation, licensing, accounting services and even website design can all be outsourced. 3E Accounting can help you build the business of your dreams with its suite of customizable business solutions.

Contact 3E Accounting today to get started on incorporating your business or just to find out more about viable business solutions.
Business Ideas in Singapore