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Singapore Company Incorporation in Singapore

Incorporating Singapore Company Private Limited is easy and fast. Below are some guidelines on how to incorporate Singapore Company Private Limited and the complete services we can offer to you.


Singapore Incorporation and Services

Singapore may be a small nation state, but when it comes to doing business, it is one of the most-sought after places among both local and foreign entrepreneurs for company incorporation. There are several reasons that make Singapore a top choice for business set-up for entrepreneurs, and these include:

  • Flexible Tax System

This city-state has low personal and corporate tax regimes worldwide. Newly incorporated companies in Singapore are allowed a tax-exemption of the first 200,000 Singapore Dollars they earn, if it is viewed as a zero tax jurisdiction. Then, the tax rate grows gradually over time with your income. Generally, corporate taxes are only 8.5% up to S$300K profits and a flat 17 percent above that. Besides this, there are no capital gain, dividend or estate/inheritance taxes in Singapore.

  • Robust Trade Eco-System

Over the years, through its extensive and dedicated diplomatic efforts, the city-state has established 76 DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements) and 20 FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) that have helped Singapore connect to major economies of the world, providing excellent business prospects for entrepreneurs operating in Singapore.

  • Strategic-Geographical Location

Located in the heart of South East Asia with access to key trade routes, Singapore enjoys a strategic geographic location, providing businesses an easy way to venture into other ASEAN countries for investments.

  • Pro-Business Policies and Environment

Singapore is both politically stable and provides an excellent pro-business environment to entrepreneurs. The city-state is rated as number 1 in the world by the World Bank, typically because of the ease of setting-up and doing business here.


Singapore Company Incorporation Services

If you also wish to benefit from the plethora of business opportunities that this city-state has to offer, first, you need to set-up and register your company in Singapore by law. For this, you need to make sure you complete and provide all the necessary documentations, paperwork and meet company formation requirements. If it’s your first time, the process of incorporating a company in Singapore can be time-consuming and frustrating.

However, to make the company set-up process smooth, quick and stress-free, partner with 3E Accounting Singapore. We are a trusted, reputed and leading Singapore based company, dedicated to providing small and medium sized businesses top of the line and full array of end-to-end Singapore company incorporation and administration services at cost-effective prices.

We have a team of highly-skilled and knowledgeable company registration specialists who work closely with you and in your best interest, helping you create your footprints in Singapore without any hassle and in the fastest time. Our team can help you navigate through the company set-up process, assist you with all the necessary paperwork involved in Singapore company incorporation and also provide you with valuable advice and guidance on how to benefit from the wide range of pro-business policies, tariff concessions and grants in Singapore.

We have the experience, the expertise and the knowledge to help you start your operations in Singapore, the land of business opportunities. At 3E Accounting, we offer a variety of company formation packages. Read more


Guide to Singapore Company Registration

Whether you are a local or foreign business owner, to operate and run your business in Singapore, you will have to register your company. For successful Singapore company registration, it is imperative to fulfil and meet the regulatory compliance requirements. This calls for proper understanding of the company registration process in Singapore and the paperwork involved.

Singapore provides foreign entrepreneurs with 4 types of company registration options. This includes private limited company, branch office, representative office and subsidiary company. Majority of the companies choose to register as a private limited company where shareholders of the company are not liable to pay off the company’s debts beyond the capital amount that they have invested in company incorporation. Also, please note that by law, foreign entrepreneurs are not allowed to self-register their new company in Singapore.

Predominantly, the process of company registration in Singapore can be divided into two stages:

  • Pre-registration
  • Post-registration

Both of these two stages of the registration process involve separate documentation requirements that must be provided and fulfilled in order to ensure successful company registration. The process can be stressful and time-consuming. Your inability to fulfil all the process requirements on time can also delay the registration process which can be smoothly completed otherwise, if you choose to work with a professional and experienced Singapore company registration service provider.

At 3E Accounting Singapore, we specialise in company registration services. We have a team of experienced professionals who can work with you closely and provide you quality assistance, helping you navigate and complete all process requirements smoothly and with regulatory compliance, while ensuring that you enjoy a stress-free experience and have ample of time to focus on core business aspects. For Singapore company registration guidelines and process understanding, read more.


Guide to Select Your Singapore Company Names

Before you set-up your operations in Singapore, you must get the proposed company name approved by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Singapore company name approval is generally obtained by filing the application form with the company registrar. However, getting your company name approved is not as easy as it seems.

ACRA can reject your company name if it is:

  • Identical or phonetically the same as a business/company already registered
  • Similar to established trademarks like Temasek or Coca-Cola

Your company name may also be subjected to scrutiny, and control and regulation, by Government authorities, if the name is specific in its nature of services, for example, it has words like bank, military, architecture, education or religion in it. Name reservation and approvals in such cases can take up to 14 days and sometimes, even more.

To increase your chances of quick name approval and registration, select the name of the company in accordance with the ACRA guidelines or by working with an industry expert like 3E Accounting. For more information and to view guidelines on Singapore company name selection, read more.


Incorporation FAQ

Being industry specialists, we come across entrepreneurs on a daily basis, asking questions about Singapore company incorporation. If it is your first time, you must have a lot of questions related to company incorporation in Singapore. For your ease, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions by both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Click here to view them.


Converting Sole Proprietorship to Company

If you have been running a successful proprietorship for years now and are looking to expand your business operations, then consider converting your sole proprietorship into a private limited company. This transition can offer your great business benefits, such as:

  • Get better access to funding
  • Manage risk related to liabilities in a better way
  • Benefit from tax incentives
  • Protect assets
  • Enjoy tax exemption on dividends

And more importantly, the company will then be a separate and legal entity. This means shareholders of the company will not be responsible to pay off the company’s debts beyond the amount of the capital that they have contributed.

To enjoy these benefits and start your private limited enterprise, you must first close your sole proprietorship. There are certain steps you must follow to ensure smooth and quick conversion. Read more


Sole Proprietor vs. LLP vs. Company

Singapore residents can establish three types of business entities. This includes sole-proprietorship, private limited entity and limited-liability partnership. Each of these entity types offers different benefits and has different legal statuses. A good understanding of these business types and the benefits they offer is the best way to navigate through and come to the best incorporation decision. This is where we can help.

At 3E Accounting, we specialise in company incorporation in Singapore. We can help you develop a good understanding of the different types of company structures and their pros and cons, facilitating you in making an informed decision. In addition to this, our team can also help you incorporate your company in less than one hour if you have all the necessary paperwork complete. Click here to learn more about our service.


Foreign Company Setup Option

Under Singapore law, foreigners are required to engage a professional firm to register because self-registration to foreigners is not allowed. When it comes to company registration and incorporation in the city-state, foreigners can choose from a variety of options. The type of entity you choose to incorporate should be selected carefully as your tax compliance and regulatory requirements largely depend on the type of company formation you choose.

Work with an experienced and knowledgeable expert like 3E Accounting to make an informed company formation decision and enjoy maximum benefits of starting your operations in Singapore. For more information about Foreign Company Set-up options in Singapore, click here.


Online Incorporation Form

To establish your operations in Singapore, you don’t always have to visit the city-state, invest your precious time, money, energy and resources flying back and forth to register your company, and handle company incorporation formalities yourself.

Simply partner with 3E Accounting to ensure a smooth and quick Singapore company incorporation process from overseas. We are a trusted and leading company formation service provider offering small and medium businesses a one stop solution for starting and managing businesses in Singapore. Our seasoned and experienced professionals help you every step of the way from company name approval to registration and service management. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you establish your operations in Singapore.

To enjoy a stress-free experience, all you need to do is fill in our online incorporation form. Fill the form will all the relevant data and information requested and submit, and we will take care of the rest.

Get started today!