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Apply Employment Pass & S Pass Visas Via EP Online

Employment Pass (EP) Online StatusAny employer of employment agency can utilize the EP Online system for Employment Pass and S Pass related matters and check EP online status.

EP Online can be used to apply for Employment Pass and S Pass visas, checking the EP Online status of this visas, issuing these visas, renewals and even cancellations. EP Online is a convenient system which allows both EP Holders and S Pass holders to update their residential addresses as well using the eService system.  

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is upgrading to the eService facility in stages. Transactions which involved applying, enquiring, issuing renewing or cancelling the visas is accessible daily except between 3am and 4am. All other services are accessible between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday between 8am to 2pm. Other services are not accessible during public holidays.


Signing Up an EP Online Account as An Employer

Business employers who are eligible for an EP Online account include the following:

You must have a SingPass and Unique Entity Number (UEN) to apply for an EP Online account. To apply for an account, you will need to log into Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) using your SingPass and follow the instructional prompts. Existing CorpPass users can also log in to EP Online.

When uploading the necessary documentation to EP Online, always ensure your scanned copies are correct and clear. Your documents must be submitted in PDF format and be under 2MB. If your documents are not in English, the English translation must be accompanied with the original. Both these documents must be uploaded in one file.


Signing Up an EP Online Account as An Employment Agency

Employment agencies can apply for an EP Online account to conduct transactions on behalf of their clients. To apply, you will need to provide the NRIC numbers of your key appointment holders.


What Is an Administrator?

An administrator differs from a user in the following ways:

  • Administrators can grant access to the employees of the company as EP Online users.
  • Administrators can terminate a user’s account.

At any time, you may appoint or change another administrator or user by logging into your EP online account and accessing this feature through the “manage user accounts” feature.


Conducting Transactions with EP Online

Appointed administrators and users of the EP Online system can use their online accounts to conduct the following transactions:

  • Apply for new Employment Pass (excluding Sponsorship scheme)
  • Apply for a new S Pass
  • Apply for a new Dependant’s Pass (except dependants of Personalised Employment Pass)
  • Apply for Long Term Visit Pass
  • Apply for Letter of Consent and Training Employment Pass (not applicable to employment agencies).
  • Renew Employment Pass (excluding Sponsorship scheme)
  • Renew S Pass
  • Renew Dependant’s Pass (except dependants of Personalised Employment Pass)
  • Renew Long Term Visit Pass and Letter of Consent.
  • Issue Employment Pass,
  • Issue S Pass
  • Issue other related passes.
  • Cancel Employment Pass
  • Cancel S Pass
  • Cancel other related passes.
  • Upload relevant supporting documents for a work pass or related pass application.
  • Appeal for rejected applications.
  • Check application and renewal status.
  • View rejection reasons for most of the unsuccessful applications.
  • Print application outcome letter
  • Print Issuance of Notification Letter.
  • Check on their organisation’s S Pass quota and tier information


Accepted Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted on EP Online:

  • GIRO
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Internet Direct Debit

You may check if your payment is successful by logging onto your EP Online account. If successful your payment status will be reflected as “paid”.


Closing Your EP Online Account

At any time, you may request to close your EP Online account. This can be done by filling out the form on MOM’s website.