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Services of Human Resource in Singapore

In today’s competitive economy, companies focus on their core competencies and strategic functions. Many of them opt to outsource their non-strategic function such as Human Resource to attain optimal returns, and use limited resources to fill strategic functions. Outsourcing the non-strategic functions allows you to concentrate more on your core competencies.

3E Accounting is widely acclaimed for providing top-notch Human Resource services, particularly Payroll services in Singapore. The reason why 3E Accounting excels human resource service isn’t just only we have the professional team, but we value our employees.


Our recognition in the TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016 proved that we strive to achieve a balanced and happy workplace with a low turnover rate, and this is what makes a good human resource service provider.

The Straits Times
Our good practice in achieving a better work-life balance in the workplace has been widely recognized by the government. We were honoured to have the Senior Minister of State, Mrs Josephine Teo, visited our headquarter office in Singapore on 28 November 2016.

Human Capital Partner

Recently, we are one of the companies been listed in the pioneer list of HCPartner, a recognition that endorsed our expertise in human resource management and performance as the employers of choice.


Services of Human Resource in Singapore

Our team of dedicated payroll specialists come with proven expertise to provide expert consultation in best practices and compliances. We use the most advanced payroll software for accurate payroll processing while paying close attentions to the latest statutory policies and practices of payroll.

The Singapore Employment Act requires companies to pay exact amounts of salary to their employees within 7 days after the end of salary period. Companies which fail to comply with either be penalised or held responsible under the stated rule. Thus, preparing salaries in a timely manner is crucial for all companies. In addition, providing payslips to all employees is the latest mandatory requirement under the Employment Act.

Unfortunately, many companies have a misconception that the preparation of salaries is any easy task. In fact, accurate computation of employees’ salaries and filling statutory contributions are an intricate process that takes much effort and time besides being costly. By having an in-house Payroll Personnel, it increases your operational costs, waste your limited resources and valuable time.

With the help of our professional payroll specialists which specialises in handling basic to complex payroll requirements of businesses, the hassles and pain associated with payroll is gone! You are able to focus on your core businesses and can eliminate the worry of computation errors, paying and filing statutory contributions late.

Payroll Services

Our Payroll Service ensures:

  • Accuracy in salary computations
  • Confidentiality in salary information
  • Compliance with all required statutory requirements

Our Payroll Service provides, but not limited to the following:

  • Calculating employees’ salaries on monthly or bi-weekly basis
  • Generating payroll reports, statutory reports and payslips
  • Assisting with salary disbursements via bank transfers (GIRO)
  • Assisting with online CPF submissions by stipulated deadline
  • Preparing Year-End Personal Tax Form (Form IR8A) and relevant appendices if necessary
  • Filing of Tax Clearance for foreign employees (Form IR21)

Our Payroll Service is not limited and open for customisation which can perfectly fit your company’s environment and efficiently meet your company’s requirements.
Payroll Service Proof

A handbook surely can provide a snapshot of you company’s philosophy and working rules. Employee handbooks allow employers to get things off on the right foot with new employees. A handbook also protects employer’s rights by providing employees with their employment guidelines in an easy-to-understand form. It will also serve as an invaluable reference tool for your employees.

Employment Contract is to safeguard the rights of employees and to ensure fair treatment. Your contract cannot be less favourable, if your employee is protected under the labour laws, also you cannot refuse the employee protection. On the other hand, if your employee does not fall under any of the labour laws or regulations, all the rights and obligations of the employee are those set out in the Employment Contract.

Engaging our human resources recruitment services regardless you are recruiting contract staff, full time staff, part time staff or flexible work staff will an easy task for you. Our experts will take all of your requirement and preferences into account during the entire process, sending you only the very best-suited candidates, allowing your decision making so much simple. By vetting our job-seekers thoroughly, compiling their relevant experience, qualifications and their suitability to your open position so you only receive the best employee for the job.

3E Accounting’s HR grants consulting services can increase employee retention by helping businesses design and offer flexible working hours for employees. In return, this action will decrease costs, increase employee productivity, attract talent, establish best industry standards, etc.

We have the capability, the technology, and the experience to observe and distinguish the weaknesses and strengths of the workforce and provide our clients with a comprehensive appraisal system based on our findings. To strengthen their workforce to yield profitable results, we assist clients incorporate the staff appraisal system into their business structure. The incorporation of a meticulously designed appraisal model will assist businesses make constructive decisions in a variety of different areas of performance management.

The biggest benefit of payroll cloud software is that all of the work — payroll calculations, payroll tax payments, year-end tax forms, etc. is completed for you. Payroll can typically be run in just several minutes. This saves you a ton of time and effort.  Rest assured, you get additional time when you are no longer tied to the payroll desk anymore. 

We cater to suit businesses of all sizes especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to have a better human resource management like recruitment service, talent retain as well as HR grants consultation, in a cost-effective way. Contact us today and let’s work out the best solution with our assigned human resource specialist. Rest assured, we will provide the most updated advice and services in Singapore.