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Business Advisory Services in Singapore | Singapore Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory

3E Accounting is one of the leading companies that aims to be Top Advisory Firms that provide Business Advisory Services in Singapore. We offer a full spectrum of Singapore Business Advisory Services that are beneficial for businesses to tackle the challenges associated with performance, growth, and governance. Our business advisors are skilled and experienced professionals in multi-disciplinary groups to provide the best assistance in a variety of needs of our individual or corporate clients. Together with our clients, we work efficiently and effectively in making a vast array of consultations.

Awards and Accreditation

Our specialists in Singapore Business Advisory Services in Singapore also help our clients improve efficiency and provide beneficial support to adapt to changing regulatory environments. As one of the top advisory firms, we help our clients identify, analyze, and address any business issues that will occur due to various catalysts from new technologies to emerging markets, from geopolitical events to regulatory reform. We guide you to foresee the swift, far-reaching impacts of the issues and, with our proven expertise and experience, offer you the best solutions possible for your conditions. We help you rapidly adapt and continually succeed in ever-changing environments.

3E Accounting Singapore Business Advisory - Awards and Accreditation

Business Advisory Services in Singapore We Offer

Business Advisory Services in Singapore

In the world of business, decisions have great impacts on the performance and competitiveness of companies. The quality of decisions you make as well as their executions feed directly into value creation, performance levels, and governance standards. While companies are responsible for their business decisions, many opt to engage with the knowledge of trusted, credible advisors to assist them in identifying and analyzing problems and making strategic decisions.

Business Advisory Services in Singapore

#1. Valuation Service

As one of the top advisory firms, we are proud that our professionals coming from a wide range of backgrounds are capable of tackling the barriers of time, currency, language, and culture to serve clients of varying businesses and competencies. Their proven expertise and experience, as well as excellent track records, are more than sufficient to adaptively work personally with you, either a seller or a buyer, in varying situations. You can engage with our Valuation Service anytime you need high-grade services to provide a guide to the value of your company or other assets.

#2. Financial Due Diligence

Any party associated with the upcoming mergers or acquisitions must conduct a preliminary identification of the risks and opportunities of a business involved. Financial Due Diligence service is the right tool to understand the strengths and weakness of their positions in a future deal better so they can accurately structure their strategic transactions and consider predicaments that may appear due to the transactions.

#3. Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the most important procedures in businesses. Budgeting also helps forecast future sales figures or the cash flow of the company during a certain period of time. It shows up a financial representation of a company’s strategy that acts as a determinant of other business decisions. Decisions taken are vital due to their financial implications for years to come.

#4. IFRS Reporting

IFRS are crucial for multinational companies or companies that have subsidiaries throughout the globe. IFRS acts as a global language that tackles the barriers of time, language, and culture which commonly appears in an international network. IFRS makes a company’s accounts are globally understandable and comparable.

#5. Forensic Investigations Service

The company that is able to monitor effectively and respond swiftly to the problems occurred will allow you to reduce adverse financial, reputational or operational impact, to have an advantage with real business benefits. There are a few areas to be focused in forensic investigations service which include corporate intelligence, dispute advisory services, forensic technology, fraud risk management, global investigation, intellectual property and contract governance and regulatory compliance.

#6. Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant Consulting for SMEs

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) is a government grant that aims to support Singapore’s SMEs to expand their business profile into the international market. However, it’s not an easy task for an SME to go without proper MRA Grant Consultation. If you look forward to growing your business beyond Singapore shores, the MRA grant is an excellent opportunity to leverage the benefits of online marketing.

#7. Business For Sale in Singapore

For those who are looking to sell their business, there can be no better platform than Easy Buy Sell Business. The company is not just equipped and a master at handling the challenges faced when it comes to the sale of a business, but buyers and sellers can also seek the assistance of a relevant and experienced broker to help negotiate the sale of the business. The aim is to help its clients improve and be more efficient when it comes to mergers and acquisitions in Singapore.

#8. Business Transformation Consulting Services

Business transformation is an opportunity to redefine your business and its strategy to provide breakthrough value. Transformation could be said as the catalyst that boosts a business to move ahead, regardless of its size and business type. In other words, it’s a strategy if you want to move faster than your competitor, or to redefine your position in the current marketplace. What do you need?

#9. SME Transformation Package

As of now, the rising of digital technologies is changing the face of business. In fact, tech innovation accelerates the pace of transformation in organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Business transformation describes changes in the current business model that helps to support and innovate new business strategies. Many businesses see the transformation as the key driver that is crucial for a sustainable position and future growth. In addition, many agree that having a strong innovative capacity within the culture of the business can be make-or-break of a transformation process. Why Does Business Needs Transformation? How to Begin Your Business Transformation?

#10. Business Continuity Advisory and Planning

Business continuity is about identifying the key products and services of a particular business as well as the top-priority activities that underpin them. The analysis will bring forth strategies and frameworks that will keep your business operations and recover effectively from any form of disruption regardless of its size or cause. Business continuity plan equips you with a solid plan to lean on in times of crisis. In other words, including business continuity plan into your business ensures security and stability.

#11. Business Market Research Services

Business market research is all about gathering information about the business, its competitors, its target audience, potential market and marketing strategies. Almost all business have one thing in common, make profits. In today’s competitive environment, it is hard for companies of all sizes to sustain profits. Sure, there are seasons where the business is just slow, but the business owner must take charge and ensure everything that can be done, is done. This includes acquiring market research services to understand better what else can be done to ensure business sustainability.

#12. Business Matching Services

Companies often start small, and they expand accordingly to market demands. When their local market is saturated, business owners will usually look at regions where they can have a piece of the pie. But penetrating such a market requires locality intelligence, and thus, most businesses will need business matching services. A business matcher will ensure that you find the right business partner for the long term. In any case, a business matcher is as concerned as you are to kick off the business in a new region as best as possible, armed and partnered with the right partner.

#13. Business Solutions Services

3E Accounting Singapore is a multi-award winning corporate service provider that offers an extensive range of business solution services in Singapore to customers large and small all over Singapore. We provide services that enable our clients to run their business seamlessly, efficiently and effortlessly. By putting our customers at the centre of everything, we have established an enviable reputation as one of the preferred one-stop service providers in Singapore.

#14. Scale Up Your Business with 3E Accounting

At 3E Accounting, our associate’s team of experts are ready to help you take your business to new heights. From start-ups to the more experienced, we offer a range of business solutions for every need. As one of the top advisory firms, 3E Accounting provides advisory services to help you scale up your business to take on the local and global demands.

#15. Problem Solving Services

3E Accounting, one of the top players in the field of corporate services, will help you diagnose and analyse the problem, and resolve the identified issue with our customized approach. As the leading corporate service provider in the country, we gain our industrial knowledge, experience, and capability by working with different companies in different fields and sizes, perfecting our skills as a problem solver in the industry.

#16. Management Consulting Services

3E Accounting’s management consulting service is a client-focused consultation service that offers customised solutions to your company, ranging from operations, financial, strategy, marketing, organization, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, to mergers & acquisitions. We will team up with our associate partners to bring deep, functional expertise to help you to transform and resolve your company’s problem.

#17. Pre-lending Assessment Services

3E Accounting’s pre-lending evaluation services will project your future better by concentrating on identifying the risks involved, assessing your finances and the local market, surveying your business case and its maintainable earnings, and assessing the capacity for high-level debt. Our specialists will diligently counsel you on your business’s prospective viability.

#18. Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services

Corporate tax planning and tax advisory services are designed to enable a company to accomplish better tax efficiency. This empowers the business to remain competitive within its industry. At the point when proper tax planning takes place, a company is in a better position to adapt to any changes that take place within its external environment.

#19. HR Advisory Services

Finding the right candidates to fill the jobs is a tedious procedure. 3E Accounting makes it simpler through our HR Advisory Services offering. We go beyond just finding you the right candidates. We help your business sustain the transformational change you need so you can flourish in today’s economy.

#20. Project Management Services

At 3E Accounting, we work closely with every single one of our customers to deliver the best outcomes. Our Project Management Services package will revolutionise your projects and turn your business into a high-performance environment. Let our expertise align you with your strategic business objectives through our comprehensive list of offerings.

#21. IT Technology Advisory Services

IT is a sector that is constantly changing at a quicker pace than we can keep up with. 3E Accounting’s IT Technology Advisory Services can assist you to meet all the technological challenges you face without the risk of stretching your resources to thin. With our years of experience and expertise, our team is in the best position to tailor solutions to meet your requirements.

#22. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Is cybersecurity risk assessment something you should seriously consider? Absolutely. Data breaches have become so common that it could happen to you. The biggest mistake a business can make is assuming that having a data breach will never happen to them and this is exactly what cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of. You need to protect your business and a cybersecurity risk assessment is your initial move towards understanding what your current weak points are.

#23. Crisis Management Services

Having a crisis is any business’s worst nightmare, yet it doesn’t need to be as stressful with the correct Crisis Management Services on your side. At 3E Accounting, we make it our business to ensure your business’s survival when the unexpected happens. Put the future of your business in our hands and never stress about what will happen when disaster strikes.

#24. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory services are getting increasingly more significant among businesses across several industries. 3E Accounting is readily available to help your business. Our team has access to dedicated ESG resources because we’re the market leader in several industries. Locally and globally, our team is here to make a difference to your business.

#25. Public Relations Services

Public relations (PR) is a process whereby the spread of data is deliberately managed. For instance, information disseminated between a business or organisation and the public is deliberately managed by a team of professionals. 3E Accounting got you covered with a range of Public Relations Services that cover every aspect you need to keep up your company’s image and good standing in the community.

#26. Internationalised Business Advisory

Expanding internationally requires a sound strategy to support this development, and Internationalised Business Advisory Services achieve that objective. At 3E Accounting, our years of experience will now become your most valuable resource. Our Internationalised Business Advisory Services in Singapore include advice on penetrating the international market and strengthen your finances.

#27. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Advisory and Implementation Services

Businesses are starting to increase their cautiousness with regards to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Advisory and Implementation services. 3E Accounting’s Personal Data Protection Act Advisory and Implementation Services are perfect for companies because of the hands-on approach we take to your data protection.

#28. Digital Marketing Consultant

Accelerated growth starts with the right digital marketing strategy that is results-oriented. The kind you get with Digital Marketing Consultant services. 3E Accounting team got the insights and the skills, supported by a long and successful track record. The key to our success? We cater our plans to help your unique business maximise your return on investment.

#29. Brand Strategy Consulting

A company’s performance should always be geared toward improvement. The right Brand Strategy Consulting services assist you with doing that. As the expectations of a consumer keep on rising, businesses are constantly trying to keep up with that demand. A brand’s image and reputation is everything. 3E Accounting’s Brand Strategy Consulting services boost your potential value across all your channels and products.

#30. Corporate M&A Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services

Corporate M&A Advisory Services in Singapore are blasting, and there’s a very good reason behind it. Guaranteeing successful mergers and acquisition transactions are an overwhelming duty for any company to bear alone. That’s is the reason there is a need for an experienced team to manage Corporate M&A Advisory Services.

#31. Online and Social Media Monitoring Services

The online world is a company’s greatest asset nowadays. Staying on the winning path requires online and social media monitoring services. Your online and social media platforms are the ways to drive business growth if you know how to utilize them. 3E Accounting’s Online and Social Media Monitoring Services offer publication management, engagement services, content analysis, crisis management, as well as comprehensive and hands-on media monitoring.

#32. Business Broker Services

A business’s ability to consolidate its physical business with the online business space is essential to success. Each business in the world is ruled by technology and as more transactions move online, the digital world is grasping a stronger foothold. 3E Accounting connects your business with the right sellers, the 3E approach is the one that will make the difference.

#33. Family Business Advisory

Running and maintaining a family business is often tough. As one of the top advisory firms, 3E Accounting’s Family Business Advisory services are needed to ensure continuous success. The right Family Business Advisory services is important to your future achievement. We work with your objectives and your vision, so you can have confidence the best interest of your company always takes precedence.

#34. Business Succession Planning Advisory

The business succession planning advisory services 3E Accounting offers comprehend what you need. Our expertise is focused on helping you deal with your financial risks. By helping you with the risk mitigation process, you get to focus on where it matters most – on growing your business and stabilising it.

#35. Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is beyond just a platform for sharing opinions and great images every now and then. It is also a tool used to communicate with your audience, to associate with them, build brand awareness, increase sales, drive traffic and so much more. Regardless of your business objectives, 3E Accounting’s priority is to assist you in meeting those objectives.

#36. SEO Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something other than just a buzzword. It’s now the digital marketing tool each business needs to survive. At 3E Accounting, our SEO Marketing Services are designed to make a difference. Part of our SEO Marketing Services incorporates researching the most ideal keywords possible. That way, every campaign your business rolls out turns into a smashing success.

#37. Brand Audit Services

Nothing is ever stagnant in business. This is continually moving and changing, sometimes at a faster pace than we can stay aware of. Your brand image is everything. Without the right brand image, no business could survive for long. This is the reason you need the right Brand Audit Services, like what we offer at 3E Accounting. The right Brand Audit Services is important to breathe new life into your business once again.

#38. Business Restructuring Services

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are always pushed to the limit and they need Business Restructuring Services in place to conquer these obstructions. A company that flourishes is a company that is consistently on top of its game. They have a vision they are focused on and they don’t deviate from that path. But more than that, they have the right structure to assist them with accomplishing their business objectives. In the event that your business work process and procedures have been less than optimal lately, it could be time for a business restructuring to happen.

#39. Business Rebranding Services

A company’s brand image is far beyond only a colourful logo or a name. It’s about what you stand for. The emotional connection that your business invokes in the heart of the public. Does your image reflect everything your business represents? What its qualities are? Does it talk about what your vision is? Does it have a personality? Our services are here to assist you in launching your brand-new business, or giving your current one a bump in its image.

#40. Drafting a Comprehensive Data Protection Policy

Drafting a comprehensive data protection policy is a need for all businesses. This guarantees you remain compliant with the PDPA’s requirements. Business today discloses and gathers an individual’s data and information about all sorts of people. This is a heavy responsibility, one that every business needs to take seriously. That is the reason drafting a comprehensive data protection policy is necessary to protect sensitive information.

#41. Data Protection PDPA Training

The risks of individual information falling into inappropriate hands are very real, and proper Data Protection and PDPA Training is currently an important security measure. To help you completely comprehend the requirements and obligations of the PDPA, you need our Data Protection. We will educate you about the obligations that must be fulfilled according to the PDPA guidelines, walk you through the PDPA requirements thoroughly so you comprehend what is expected of you and train your employees about handling personal data and what they have to do to comply with the PDPA’s standards.

#42. Digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Our Digital BPO services will redesign your business procedure, creating digital and intelligent workflows that will streamline your procedure. This enables your business to continue its strong growth while still staying relevant. A business must continue to evolve to become more intelligent than ever. We adapt our services and customise our procedures according to what your business specifically needs.

#43. Staff Outsourcing Solutions

Staff Outsourcing Solutions in Singapore is the solution for forward-thinking businesses. A business should be adequately staffed throughout the year to guarantee service is never compromised. Even more so during busy or peak season. 3E Accounting’s Staff Outsourcing Solutions permit you to do just that with continuous access to our high-calibre team of professionals without additional problem or need for full-time staff. We assist you in managing your outsourced team so that you can concentrate your energy on where your business needs it the most.

#44. Work From Home Advisory Services

With the COVID-19 situation and social distancing measures set up all worldwide, more companies needed to close their physical operations. Most employees are working from home. 3E Accounting has the necessary support, technology, equipment and system to assist your business in  going digital. Our services will keep your business running at full-speed digitally so you don’t need to stress. Remain safe, stay home, and stay in business by letting us assist you with dealing with what is important.

What is Advisory?

Business advisory covers a variety of services aimed at supporting both the startups and established companies. These include business transformation, mergers and acquisition, business internationalization, crisis management, and financial, among others.

Business advisors can also help you with setting your budget. This is to assure that you are allocating your capital according to your needs and sales forecast.

Through business advisory, companies can avail of different business solutions services. In addition, they are offering management consultancy service to make your company more efficient. Indeed, business advisory firms are acting as one-stop shops for every company.

Who Needs Advisory?

The short answer is everyone. But, truly, it depends on your needs. Both startups and established businesses require advisory at some point.
There comes a time in a business’ run when a strategic business advisor is needed. With this scenario coming up, businesses should not hesitate to onboard a business advisor.

Why Do You Need Advisory?

Business advisory is needed to ensure the success of your company. After all, all you want is the best for your business.
A business advisor is providing much-needed insights for your company. With these suggestions, you can cultivate your business and see it grow further. A business advisor is knowledgeable on the industry, making him or her qualified to give an opinion.
Additionally, the business advisory is like a compass that points you to the right direction when you are getting lost. Do not be afraid—or even ashamed—of asking for external help when needed, especially if it is for the success of your business.

3E Accounting is a business advisor that provide advisory services to help small and medium sized business owners to provide them Singapore Business Advisory.

Please contact us if you need any specific Singapore business advisory services in Singapore.