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Singapore CPF Calculator – Plan Your Finances the Smarter Way


Calculating Your Contribution Rates the Quick and Easy Way

Singapore CPF CalculatorThe Central Provident Fund (CPF), is a mandatory savings scheme in Singapore. Contributions can be calculated using the Singapore CPF calculator tool.

Both employers and employees in Singapore actively participate in this fund contribution. Percentage of contributions differ based on income level and age. When you commence work in Singapore, a percentage of your income goes towards the CPF fund. Employers are responsible for directly deducting this amount from your monthly pay. The amount gets paid directly into your CPF account.

Employees in Singapore contribute up to 20% of the annual salary. Employers contribute 17% of the annual salary. Percentages vary based on income level.


What Is A CPF Calculator?

Those working in Singapore are required to make mandatory contributions towards the CPF. The calculator tool can be used to determine your voluntary and mandatory CPF Central Provident Fund contributions. These contributions are allocated towards three accounts:

  • CPF Ordinary
  • Special
  • Medisave

The calculator tool is available via the CPF website. Please click on the button below.
Central Provident Fund Contribution Allocation Calculator

How Employers Make Their Contributions?

For Singapore citizens or PR holders in their 3-year of obtaining the PR status, employers must make the mandatory contributions. CPF Central Provident Fund contribution rates to these categories of employees can be calculated using the calculator available via the CPF website. Please click on the button below.
CPF Central Provident Fund Contribution Calculator (for Singapore Citizens / 3rd year and onwards Singapore Permanent Residents)


Calculating Your Additional Wage Ceiling

Additional wage (AW) ceilings are applicable for Singapore citizens and third-year PR holders. AW’s are applicable for private sector employees only. If your total AW for the year does not exceed the AW ceiling, you can use the CPF Central Provident Fund Contribution Calculator tool instead.

The AW ceiling in Singapore is $103,000 for total ordinary wages. This applies from 2016 onwards and subject to the CPF for the year. AW’s must be paid during the current year. If excess payment has been made, you may request a refund via the RFM/FORM CAPVC available here.

Check your additional wage ceiling rates by using the CPF calculator tool available via the CPF website. Please click on the button below.
CPF Additional Wage Ceiling Calculator (For Singapore Citizen / Third year PR)


Calculating Your Late Payment Interest

Late CPF payments may incur additional interest and a fine. Employers will have to cover the cost of late payment. These charges will go towards making up for losses in an employee’s interest returns.

If an employer is late paying the contributions, they may be liable for the following penalties:

  • CPF charges an interest rate of 1.5% monthly, or 18% per annum. Alternatively, the charges could be $5 minimum monthly.
  • Between $1,000 and $5,000 in fines per offence and/or 6-months jail time.
  • Between $2,000 and $10,000 fines per offence and/or 12-months jail (repeat offenders).
  • Up to $10,000 fines, 7-years imprisonment or both if an employee’s CPF share contributions are deducted because an employer fails to make payment.

To calculate your late payment interest, use the CPF calculator available on the CPF website. Please click on the button below.

CPF Late Payment Interest Calculator