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Comparison of Work Pass in Singapore

Package Fee for Work Pass Application

Packages Available Fee (SGD)
Employment Pass Application (including appeal process) @ $1,000 (W/GST $1,080)
EntrePass application (including appeal process) * $4,500 (W/GST $4,860)
Personalised Employment Pass application (including appeal process) # $1,200 (W/GST $1,296)
Letter of Consent application (including appeal process) ## $700 (W/GST $756)

The fee quoted above are excluded out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement such as translation fee, issuance processing fee, MOM fee and etc.
@ Renewal of Employment Pass is straightforward and no documents are required. Click Singapore Employment Pass for more information about Employment pass application. The basic requirement for Employment Pass is possessed diploma or degree qualification.
* Renewal of EntrePass – You must meet all the following criteria to renew your EntrePass on annually basis (Click for more information about Singapore Entrepass). Entrepass is suitable for those has low qualification and intended to start his/her own business in Singapore.

  1. Company must employ at least two (four from second year forward) full-time local employees;
  2. Company must demonstrate total local business spending (TBS) of $100,000 ($150,000 from second year forward) over the past 12 months;
  3. Latest audited accounts;
  4. Central Provident Fund statements for the employees;
  5. Highest educational certificates of employees;
  6. Tenancy agreements;
  7. Company registration information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority;
  8. Corporate bank statements for the past three months;
  9. Referral letters from customers; and
  10. Recent invoices issued/contracts awarded.

You can engage 3E Accounting’s Nominee Director Service if you cannot find a trusted contact to act as the Singapore resident director.

# Personalised Employment Pass is not renewable and valid for 3 years. Click Singapore Personalised Employment Pass for more information. Personalised Employment Pass is suitable for the applicant who are looking for job opportunity in Singapore.
## A Letter of Consent allows a Dependant’s Pass holder to work in Singapore. To be eligible, the applicant must:

  1. be a Dependant of an Employment Pass holder
  2. secure a job offer with a Singapore employer
  3. have a Dependant’s Pass that is valid for at least three months.

The processing time is usually 1 week.
%% if you are a foreigner who plans to operate a company in Singapore without relocating here (stay short term like less than 183 days a year in Singapore). Singapore allows the establishment of your company provided you appoint a Singapore resident director when incorporating the company. If you cannot find a trusted contact to act as the Singapore resident director, you can engage our Nominee Director Service at 3E. Please click Singapore Company Incorporation Services for more information about Company incorporation with nominee director services.
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Comparison of Work Pass