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Services of IT and Design in Singapore | Singapore IT and Design Services

IT and DesignIn the dynamic landscape of IT and design services in Singapore, 3E Accounting takes the lead as a premier provider. Specializing in company formation and administration for small to medium-sized private limited companies, 3E Accounting not only facilitates seamless business establishment but also offers cutting-edge IT and design services, contributing to Singapore’s technological and creative advancements.

Every modern business must be supported with an official website to follow the flow of globalization in every sector in business world. This official website has a great significance in taking your business to the top of competition. It is more than just a mere online representative of your company; it is your company’s identity that is visible to anyone on the internet. The value or message of your company is brought up to consumers’ mind through the visual representation of your web that is an intertwined application of graphic components such as logo, headers, icons, banners, etc. All of these components are made effective and powerful to enhance words and images in your website in a way that is more acceptable and fascinating to your consumers. Thus, many companies engage with IT and design services in Singapore since their company corporation.

Services of IT and Design in Singapore

IT and Design Services in Singapore We Offer

Building and developing a website that can deliver the value or message your company tries to convey and can independently be the identity of your company is not an easy task. It takes more than just keen technical skills in graphic designing. In fact, it needs sensitivity to identify the core value of a company and creativity to deliver this value in more realistic concepts of graphic design. IT Solution Pte Ltd, our affiliate partner, is an expert in making this job done flawlessly. The company offers a full spectrum of creative yet realistic concepts that will improve the look and feel of your web presence in front of your consumers worldwide, all packed in our Singapore IT and design services. At a result, your consumers will gain strong drive to make transactions with you. The following services are how we can help you.

#1. Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important graphic products ever. This graphic is designed to exist in almost all corporate papers, websites, souvenirs, etc since the very beginning of your business operation. Your logo will be a tool to deliver the core value of your company and show your company’s competence to your consumers. Using IT Solution’s IT and design services in Singapore, you will have a meaningful and memorable logo that will give you proud!

Logo Design

#2. Web Site Design

Your website is the representative of your company on the internet. Through the platform, you will open your door open to any possibilities of transactions or cooperation with other party on a global scale. Your website must silently attract your consumers to make purchases and enchant them for coming back in the near future with ease of navigation and satisfaction of chat support or representative chat. All features that can boost the functionality of your website can be added by professional hands like us.

Web Site Design

#3. Domain/ Hosting

Choosing a strong domain and well-performed hosting service can only be done with those who understand the whole process from domain registration to hosting subscription. With specialists working close to you, you can have sufficient guidance to registering a domain and subscribing a hosting service conveniently.

#4. IT Solution

IT Solution has a lot more to offer than just logo design, website design, domain registration, and hosting subscription as our IT and design services in Singapore. Our specialists can also assist you in the setup of server for SME, IT support for the SME, data management, and cyber security management. We can even provide you a wide range of software and laptop and guide you to picking the most suitable one for you or your company.

#5. IT Security Testing

Here comes the idea of IT security testing. IT security testing is a process that is performed to find out how vulnerable a system may be and to determine whether its data and resources are well-protected from potential risks like hackers.

In fact, security testing of any system is about finding and identifying all possible risks and weaknesses of the system which might result in a loss of information.

#6. Cyber Risk Management Services

The rise of the technology has increased cyber risks exponentially. Whether in the retail bank, investment bank, corporate bank, private bank, or any other area, the front-line business units need to work closely with the information security and cyber security teams to manage and mitigate cyber risks.

#7. One Stop Managed IT Services

There is a reason why IT Solution Pte. Ltd. are known as the best IT service provider in Singapore. That’s because they don’t just stop at giving you the basic IT servicing needs for your business, but they go beyond that. They don’t just provide you with a single solution, but a Total One Stop Managed IT Solution for everything your business is going to require from an IT perspective.

#8. Managed Digital Marketing Services in Singapore

Technology has had such an impact on businesses ever since it first emerged several years ago. It is phenomenal to see just how much Singapore businesses and their marketing strategies have changed and evolved over the course of time, with many small and medium businesses today raising the stakes and putting a lot more effort into their digital marketing strategies today than ever before just to be able to remain competitive in the online space.

#9. Micro Data Centre Rack Space for Rent in Singapore

Strategic, purposeful, state-of-the-art. What better way to keep your data safe and secure than with 3E Accounting’s Micro Data Centre Rack Space for rent in Singapore.

#10. Software Development Services

Software development services continue to remain a popular choice among businesses because of the benefits they offer, among which include improving your business performance.

#11. Robotic Process Automation (RPA Services)

Currently one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA Services) are the way of the future.

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