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IPPT Leave for NS Members in Singapore

IPPT Leave for NS Members in SingaporeThe Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) is a familiar test to most Singaporean and PR male over the age of 18. This test checks the physical capabilities of all people eligible for the National Service, with three different levels of fitness. Since National service for at least two years is mandatory in Singapore, that means annual testing is needed for many young Singaporeans. Therefore, IPPT leave is needed for employees who are required to take this mandatory test.

Unfortunately for reservists in the army, it can be difficult to maintain civilian lives and their military duties when test time comes around. The IPPT is physically intensive, and if you’re not fit enough to pass the test the first time around, you will have to retake the test until you do.

These tests can get in the way of a civilian job, making it difficult to earn a livelihood while still doing your duty to your country. That’s why some businesses are now offering IPPT leave to their employees to help make work easier.

IPPT leave makes it much easier for reservists to take time off in order to take their Individual Physical Proficiency Test. This test must be taken once every training window, which runs for about 9 months. It must be passed within the training window.


Why IPPT Leave is Important

With IPPT leave, reservists no longer have to use up their vacation time, or worse, lose a job due to their military duties. This is very attractive to young people who have been drafted into the military, reservists who are part of the military but still hold a civilian job, and people in police or other jobs that require IPPT testing.

IPPT leave is common for any job that requires the Individual Physical Proficiency Test to be taken. This includes the Civil Defense, Armed Forces, and the Police Force.

If you also have a civilian job, however, you are still required to take the test. If your company does not give you leave to take the test, your choices are very limited. You can try to arrange the test on a day off or vacation time.

Companies are beginning to understand the value of offering IPPT leave to the employees who both support their country and maintain a civilian job at the same time.


Benefits of Offering IPPT Leave

A company that offers IPPT leave as part of the package could potentially open up a whole new sector of employees interested in hiring on. These tough-minded people are physically and mentally fit and may have talents your company badly needs. If a company is having trouble getting new talent to sign on and stay, IPPT leave may be the perk needed to convince a potential employee to choose your company over another to work for.

Offering IPPT leave may end up being a necessity over time since almost every Singaporean and PR male over the age of 18 is drafted.


The Law on IPPT Leave

There are currently no statutory requirements for employers to give IPPT leave to their employees. Whether or not a company chooses to give IPPT leave is entirely at their discretion.

The Ministry of Manpower highly encourages companies to offer IPPT leave to their employees as best practice. Companies are encouraged to support their national servicemen in any way they can, including options such as pairing them up with a buddy to help arrange time off, to letting them work from home or leave earlier in order to spend time with their family.

With these recommendations put in place, offering IPPT leave is a sound addition that will show support for NS members while at the same time providing another perk to employees.

National service is an essential part of the country. Offering them the assistance they need to get their testing done is simply the right thing to do.