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Guide to Setup Singapore Business

Singapore is the ideal global business hub for any investor keen on making their mark on this side of the world. It’s strategic location, strong trade and investment and easy business policies make it the most competitive Asian country and the easiest place in the world to do business (as ranked by the World Bank).

Singapore’s many free trade agreements, network of double taxation avoidance agreements and investment guarantee agreements all contribute and lend a hand to protecting your business innovations and ideas, thanks to Singapore’s strict policy when it comes to intellectual property.

What is a Singapore Company?

What is a Singapore Company?According to the definition by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (“ACRA”), a Singapore company is a business entity that has been registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50. The most common business entity in Singapore is the private limited company, which usually has the words ‘Pte Ltd’, or ‘Ltd’ as part of its business name. Continue to read



Why Setup a Company in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessSetting up and starting a company in Singapore is easily done, and this include foreign branch office setups. Everything can even be done online, it really is that simple. There is a reason why it has been consistently ranked time and time again as the easiest place in the world to establish a base of business. Continue to read



Reasons to Set Up Investment Holding Company in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessSingapore provides countless opportunities for any business type you can think of. No capital gains tax, a low corporate tax rate, a tax exemption on dividend income, double taxation agreements and an efficient foreign tax credit pooling system are just some of the many reasons you should consider setting up an investment holding company in this region. Continue to read



Foreign Company Re-Domiciliation to Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessForeign companies can now relocate their business headquarters to Singapore instead of setting up subsidiaries, thanks to the Companies Act re-domiciliation policy which came into effect beginning October 11, 2017. Continue to read




SMEs in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessSmall and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are enterprises which have operating receipts of no more than $100mil and employ no more than 200 workers in all sectors. Find out more about Singapore SMEs here. Continue to read




Offshore Company Setup in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessIf you have decided to establish an offshore company in Singapore, this section will serve as a helpful guide on how to go about getting started. Continue to read





Why Choose Singapore for Foreign Company Relocation

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessSingapore has always been a prime location because of the higher growth potential and the opportunity for business to thrive. Read about the reasons why you should choose Singapore as your prime business destination. Continue to read




ACRA: Singapore Registrar of Companies

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessThe Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the statutory board under the Ministry of Finance of the Singapore Government. ACRA is responsible for regulating all business entities established in Singapore. Continue to read




Doing Business in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessDoing business in the easiest place in the world certainly has its benefits. Discover the details about what makes Singapore the best place in the world to do business and why Singapore has retained the title for so long. Continue to read




Business Opportunities in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessA land with opportunities aplenty, Singapore has no shortage of business opportunities for the investor who is willing to dive in and take a chance. Continue to read





A Comprehensive Guideline for Foreigners to Start a Business in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessNeed to guide to help you get started in Singapore? Everything you need to know about launching your business is here. Continue to read





Singapore Company Register Website – BizFile+

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessLaunched in 2004, BizFile+ speeds up registering a company in Singapore. With a growing number of transactions each year, there has never been an easier time than now to set up a business in Singapore. Continue to read




Singapore Companies in Free Trade Zones and Freeport

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessFree Trade Zones are areas in Singapore where companies can import, sell or export goods without customs, excise duties or goods and services tax. Singapore has five free trade zones listed in this section. Continue to read




A Beginner’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know to Form a Private Limited Company in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessLooking to set up a Private Limited Company in Singapore? In this section, you will find everything that you need on how to get started. Continue to read





MNC Companies in Singapore

Guide to Setup Singapore BusinessBecause of its reputation as the heart of business in Asia, Singapore is the top choice for many multinational companies from all over the world, thanks to the advantages they stand to gain. Continue to read




Shareholders’ Agreement

Shareholders’ AgreementA Shareholders’ Agreement refers to a formal agreement done between the shareholders of a private limited company. This formal agreement is used to govern the relationship between the shareholders so as to determine the rights and obligations that need to be adhered to. Continue to read




Preference Shares for Singapore Company

Preference Shares for Singapore CompanyPreference shares are shares of a company’s stock with dividends that will be paid out to shareholders before the issuance of common stock dividends. Most preference shares come with a fixed dividend, while common stocks usually do not have that fixed dividends.  Continue to read




Does a Singapore Company Need a Company Chop?

Does a Singapore Company Need a Company Chop?A company chop is also known as a rubber stamp, and it is frequently used by many Singaporean-based companies to officially endorse certain types of documentation. A company chop or a stamp would generally include the company’s name..  Continue to read




Type of Business Structures in Singapore

Type of Business Structures in SingaporeMaking the right choice of business structure is one of the crucial steps when incorporating a company in Singapore. For one, this decision will have an impact on how much you pay in taxes (taxes payable) …  Continue to read




Singapore Company Constitution

Singapore company constitutionThe Singapore Company Constitution, previously known as two separate documents, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, is an essential and crucial document that governs the governs the company’s internal management….  Continue to read




Exempt Private Company in Singapore

Exempt Private Company in SingaporeThe Exempt Private Company (EPC) is one of the popular business structures that offer foreigners a separate legal entity with limited liability for its shareholders and a three-year corporate tax exemption…  Continue to read




Payment Options for E-Commerce Businesses in Singapore

Payment Options for E-Commerce Businesses in SingaporeToday’s customer is no stranger to making online payments, as more and more transactions are conducted online. Customers expect a smooth and hassle-free transaction process, and your business needs to be able to provide this if it wants them to keep coming back for more…  Continue to read




Should I Setup Separate Company for Every Business?

Should I Setup Separate Company for Every Business?If you are running multiple businesses, you have probably (or you might have) wondered what is the best way to structure all these ventures? Should you consider to setup company separately for every different business?…  Continue to read




Why Setup A Singapore Company As An Intermediary Subsidiary

Why Setup A Singapore Company As An Intermediary SubsidiarySoutheast Asia is fast becoming a high-priority strategic region where economic growth and development is expected to exceed the global average for the next several years. Thus this making Singapore the perfect location for setting up an intermediary subsidiary to hold its foreign subsidiaries. Here’s how….  Continue to read




How Much Start Up Capital is Needed to Open a Business in Singapore

How Much Start Up Capital is Needed to Open a Business in SingaporeOne of the best things about starting a business in Singapore is very easy and the reasonable minimum share capital payment that is required to get started. The minimum paid-up capital is only SGD$1…  Continue to read




Change Of Ownership Of A Sole-Proprietor Business

Change Of Ownership Of A Sole-Proprietor BusinessA sole-proprietorship operates as an aspect of the owner’s personal identity. The owner is liable for all business debts, and all assets and liabilities are placed in the name of the owner and not in the name of a separate business entity….  Continue to read




Singapore’s SMEs Go Digital

Singapore’s SMEs Go DigitalBack in 2017, the Singapore Budget 2017 revealed the SMEs Go Digital Transformation Programme. The programme was built on the Enhanced iSPRINT foundation, with a more inclusive and structured approach. The purpose of this programme was to help SMEs strengthen their digital capabilities through the use of technology….  Continue to read



ACRA BizFile

ACRA BizFileACRA BizFile is the Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)’s online information retrieval and filing system. With this system, the public can access a range of services from submitting statutory documentation, to retrieving and purchasing information about business entities which are registered with ACRA.  Continue to read



How to Use PayNow in Singapore

How to Use PayNow in SingaporePayNow allows you to split the bill effortlessly without taking out your wallet or make corporate payments. This guide provides information on how to use PayNow in Singapore. This system allows users of nine banks to transfer cash in SGD to anyone else who has an account with one of these 9 participating banks Continue to read



How Singapore Bank Keeps Your Deposits Safe and Sound

How Singapore Bank Keeps Your Deposits Safe and SoundDepositing money in banks is a way to secure funds and save it for a rainy day, but is it genuinely safe with online threats lurking everywhere? It is a common sense that is passed around that saving up money is best done with banks. Banks are the oldest financial institutions people use to keep the money. It is always thought as the safest place to retain our most precious. Continue to read



Auditors in Singapore

Auditors in SingaporeThese auditors are responsible for a business’s audit opinion. They must ensure that audits are carried out per the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSA) guidelines and requirements. ACRA will inspects all audits performed by auditors in Singapore. This is to ensure compliance with the SSA requirements. The SSA in is the equivalent of the internationally recognised International Auditing Standards. Continue to read



Importance of a Founder’s Agreement

Importance of a Founder’s AgreementWhat is more thrilling than commencing a business that you and your friends or investors are passionate about? Well, what about a founder’s agreement? It is a document that provides a safety net for all of the founders. The agreement will usually consist of a percentage of shares, voting rights, rights to intellectual property, vesting schedule and conditions of entry or exit of the business. Continue to read



Bankruptcy Individual or Corporate Insolvency Search in Singapore

Bankruptcy Individual or Corporate Insolvency Search in SingaporeBankruptcy searches are done by individuals. When a bankruptcy search is carried out in Singapore, it is usually done by any individual who wants to determine if they are otherwise bankrupt or not. The Singapore High Court considers any individual unable to repay more than $15,000 in debt bankrupt. Continue to read



Trademark Registration Guidelines in Singapore

Trademark Registration Guidelines in SingaporeHow hard can it be to register a trademark that you have carefully thought through with or without your business partners? Getting a business off the ground is hard and coming up with a unique mark is difficult too if you are contending on similar grounds. But when you do have a trademark, it is as easy as pie to get it registered. The following are trademark registration guidelines in Singapore. Continue to read



Go Business Licensing

Go Business LicensingGo Business Licensing is a one-stop portal for businesses in Singapore, empowering them to apply for their licenses rapidly and effectively. In the event that your business needs numerous license applications, then this portal is going to make things significantly simpler for you. The Go Business portal makes multiple license application easy and simplifies the payment process. Continue to read



Singapore Company Formation With Employment Pass

Singapore Company Formation With Employment PassForeign individuals can incorporate a company and move to Singapore as long as the following steps are followed. It should be noted that Singapore Company Formation and getting an employment pass can be handled without requiring the physical presence of applicants in Singapore. Contact us and we can assist you with the Singapore Company Formation process. Continue to read



Business Name Alert Service

Business Name Alert ServiceIf you’ve got your sights set on a particular business name (or a few business names), you’ll need to know when it opens up. That is the thing that the Business Name Alert Service is for. You get to keep track of brand names, registered trademarks and business names that have been registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Continue to read



Choosing the Right Business Types:

When opening business in Singapore, four types of business vehicle are available. A Private Limited Company is the most popular type of business vehicle for most businesses.


Your complete guide to registering and setting up a company in Singapore, including the company setup requirements, incorporation timeline and company formation procedures.  Continue to read


A legal relationship between two or more persons with the objective of carrying on a business and making a profit, learn about what it takes to establish and run a business partnership entity. Continue to read


Discover the features that contribute to a Limited Partnership agreement and determine if this is the right choice for you. Continue to read


An LLP involves two or more partners incorporating a partnership that will shield co-partners from liabilities due to wilful misconduct or gross negligence. Continue to read


A comprehensive guide to starting a sole-proprietorship business in Singapore and how to get started. Continue to read