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A Complete Guide to the Annual Leave in Singapore for Employees

A Complete Guide to the Annual Leave in Singapore for EmployeesEmployee is entitled to at least seven days of paid annual leave in Singapore, if they are covered by the Employment Act and have worked for more than three months. Here is more about it.


Employee’s Entitlements Regarding the Annual Leave in Singapore Explained

You are entitled to paid annual leave if you are covered under the Employment Act and you have worked for your employer for at least three months. 

The number of annual leave you are entitled to depends on your length of service with your employer. For the first year, it starts with at least 7 days. Then, the number of days increases by one every year until the eighth year. After the eighth year and afterward, you can get a paid annual leave of at least 14 days.


An Annual Leave Depends on the Employer

Remember that the annual leave is dependent on the Employer. In the event where you leave your current employer to join another organisation, your annual leave will be reset and recalculated.


Pro-Rated Leave

Pro-Rated Leave is to calculated based on the number of complete months worked. 

The formula is as follows:

(Number of completed months of service ÷ 12) × Number of days of annual leave entitlement

If the number is in fiction, it will be rounded up or down depending on the fiction.

For example,

You have served 7 complete months with your current employer, the calculation will be as follows:

(7 (completed months of service) /12) × 7 (Number of days of annual leave entitlement for the first year)

= 4.0833


4.0833 is rounded down to 4 because the fraction is lesser than 0.5. If the fiction is greater than 0.5, for example, if we got 4.57 as the answer, it will be rounded up to 5.


Annual Leave in Singapore and Payment

Under the Employment Act, your employer must pay your gross salary for every day of paid annual leave.


Unpaid Leave

If you have exhausted your annual leave, you may apply for unpaid leave under the consent of your employer.


Annual Leave in Singapore During Your Notice Period

Your notice period will be taken into account when calculating your pro-rated annual leave.

For example, your first day of work is on 1st January and you tender your resignation on 1st June. Assuming your notice period is one month, your last day of service will be on 30th July.

In this case, you will need to include all six completed months you have worked, including June to July while calculating the annual leave.