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Go Business Licensing – The New One-Stop Licensing Portal


Multiple License Application Now Made Easy

The hassle of applying and paying for multiple business licenses just got easier, thanks to Go Business Licensing.


What is Go Business Licensing?

It is a one-stop portal for businesses in Singapore, enabling them to apply for their licenses quickly and effectively. If your business needs multiple license applications, then this portal is going to make things a lot easier for you. The Go Business portal makes multiple license application easy and simplifies the payment process.


How Does It Work?

Go Business Licensing

On the Go Business website, there is a step-by-step feature called Guided Journey. It walks users through the steps needed to apply for licenses. If you need to apply for a food services license, this feature will show you how. You may then opt to do it yourself with the Self-Service feature.

More features and functions will be added Guided Journey soon. In the meantime, users may update, renew or terminate any license applied through the Self-Service feature.

The Guided Journey feature is only available for licenses in the food and beverage industry now. This feature is meant to assist those applying for their licenses for the first time and who are not sure what to do. The limited option is because Go Business licensing is still in its early launch phase. Other industries will be included to the list in the future.

For those already familiar with how the licensing process works and prefer to do it themselves, the Self-Service feature is the one you’re looking for.


Is Go Business Licensing Different From License One?

Licenses One was rebranded and now goes by the name License One. The Self-Service feature retains all the same functions that License One did. The new addition to the system is the Guided Journey step-by-step walkthrough. Go Business still has all the same features in its Self-Service option that License One did.


How Do I Access This Online Portal?

Users will need their CorpPass to log into the Go Business Licensing portal. If you want to use the portal, the Administrator of Sub-Administrator of your CorpPass account will need to assign you with a digital service access.

For best results, it is recommended that you access Go Business via Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Your pop-up blocker needs to be disabled to access these features.

For more information about Go Business Licensing, visit their website here.