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Understanding the Importance of Health Screening Benefits for Employees

Health Screening Benefits in SingaporeHealth is the most important, without health many things can’t be achieved. To ensure a healthy body, health screening should be done annually. Health screening services are now governed by the Healthcare Services Act 2018. This is overseen and regulated by the Ministry of Health. There are various health screening benefits that will enhance the lifestyle and health of an individual. As of today, there isn’t a specific Act enforcing the employer to implement a mandatory health screening on every employee. However, the Ministry of Manpower has stated on their website that if any of their employees are exposed to certain occupational hazards, it is then mandatory for the employer to provide a health screening annually to ensure that the employee is healthy.


What is Health Screening?

Health screening is a series of tests run to ensure the individual is fit and in good health. This can also be taken as a lifestyle assessment. It is a combination of tests, which aim to give an individual a general overview of their health status and help to detect disease or risk factors early.


Employee Health Screening

Employers should make it compulsory for their employees to get an annual health screening. Employee health screening is a term used to describe a range of checks and tests that helps in identifying risks to health and improve well-being among staff. These health screenings have the potential to benefit both parties. For employees, they offer lasting benefits. An employee is provided with the assistance to overcome a niggling health problem, or the tests may capture potentially more serious health issues early when it is easier to treat them. On top of that, lifestyle advice and support can reap long-term life-enhancing benefits.

A change in certain lifestyle habits can change the life of a person for the better. The organisation would benefit from supporting the health and well-being of the workforce. This is because if employees are healthy, the potential of employees falling ill and absenteeism will decrease. Besides, a healthy body will also promote a healthy mind. Fitter employees also have better concentration and higher productivity levels. An organisation’s workforce is its most important asset, so it makes sense for managers to do what can be done to detect illness and promote health and well-being. Also keeping employees healthy and productive arguably makes sound financial sense.


Health Screening Benefits

Health screening isn’t something that should be ignored. Everyone should get checked annually regardless of the reason to do so. Constantly getting a health screening is beneficial as it allows you to keep track of your health over time. This will then make it easier to detect abnormalities or discrepancies over time which will, in turn, allow the earlier detection that may indicate a disease or condition even before you experience any symptoms. In the event where there really is something wrong with us, at least it was discovered during the earlier stages. Then a proper treatment course can be administered that allows you to manage your condition well. This allows for better recovery outcomes and lowered risks of complications from progressive diseases. Besides that, this allows oneself to take a proactive approach to your health.