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Business Opportunities in Singapore

A pro-business environment, booming technology, excellent infrastructure and a city that has proven itself internationally as one of the best places in the world to do business are just some of the many reasons investors are looking towards Singapore for their next business opportunity. It’s friendly policies and laws, ease of doing business and the transparency of its business laws, low taxes and great location have all contributed greatly to making Singapore what it is today – a country that is just bursting with business opportunity.


How to Get Started with Business Opportunities in Singapore

Singapore has made it easy for investors to establish a business base in the country with its EntrePass visa, which is a work pass for foreign entrepreneurs who are keen on establishing a business in Singapore. Being able to apply for the visa online has helped in great deal in terms of cutting the wait time down to a few days before applicants can get a confirmed answer on their states. EntrePass’s are valid for a two-year period and upon renewal, can be valid for up to three years. Easy to get going with a business plan in Singapore when the application process it that simple.


Where Do Some of Singapore’s Biggest Business Opportunities Lie?

Franchising, international trade and real estate are some of the biggest opportunity markets in Singapore for the investors who are keen to dip their toes into these areas. Franchising for example, is a good area to venture into because of the low level of bureaucratic red tape involved, in addition to the fact that there are no or minimum laws or government agencies that regulate the offer and sale of these franchises, making it easy for investors to get started.

International Enterprise Singapore is the main government agency that is tasked with both assisting and growing Singapore’s presence on the global economy stage. It is International Enterprise Singapore’s job to promote international trade by working diligently to promote and develop the growth of international companies that have established a base of operations here in Singapore. So overseas investors who are thinking of taking advantage of some of the amazing opportunities that Singapore’s business world has to offer will have a good leg to stand on.

And then there is the real estate market. With prices of homes, buildings and properties climbing because of the island’s small size, the real estate market may seem like a risky area to get into. But Singapore may be small, but it holds true to its philosophy or promoting an attractive business environment and has found a way to enforce certain measures in place to keep real estate prices from inflating too much. Thanks to it being monitored actively by the government on a regular basis, the real estate sector is a stable part of the economy and therefore, a great business opportunity for the right investor who sees potential in this field.