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Apply for Singapore Entrepass in Singapore

Package Fee for Singapore Entrepass Application
Packages Available Fee (SGD)
EntrePass application (including preparation of business plan and appeal process) $4,500 (W/GST $4,860)
Dependent Pass application for spouse / children * $500 (W/GST $540)
Long Term Visit Pass application for parents / step children $500 (W/GST $540)
Renewal of Entrepass $1,000 (W/GST $1,080)**

** EntrePass holders are only entitled to dependant privileges upon meeting year 2 renewal criteria.

The fee quoted above are excluded out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement such as market analysis fee, translation fee, MOM application fee and etc.
Entrepass holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Singapore. 3E Accounting will setup the company for you upon approval of the Entrepass.

Our Services Cover

  • One-to-one assessment and advice on immigration related matters
  • Preparation of business plan in accordance with MOM requirement
  • Filing of Work Pass application
  • Tracking Work Pass application status while under processing
  • Liaise with Direct MOM officer in charge when necessary
  • Responding to MOM’s request for additional information as necessary
  • Arranging for issuance of Work Pass upon in-principle approval
  • Filing of appeals

You are eligible to entrepass if you are a foreign entrepreneur who lacks the appropriate educational qualification or do not qualify under the Employment Pass scheme, but has meet anyone of the following qualifying criteria:

Entrepreneur Innovator Investor
[1] Has funding from a Government-recognised VC or business angel [4] Holds intellectual property [7] Investment track record
[2] Is an incubatee at a Government-recognised incubator/accelerator [5] Has research collaboration with an Institute of Higher Learning or credible research institute in Singapore  
[3] Business network and entrepreneurial track record [6] Extraordinary achievements in key areas of expertise  


Key Considering Factors:

  • Does the applicant meet anyone of the above qualifying criteria?
  • Is the applicant willing to spending S$100,000 for the first 12 months of the business?
  • Is the applicant willing to hire 3 local Singaporeans or 1 PME (professional, manager or executive) within the first 12 months?


Company Setup Requirements

  • Minimum: one shareholder plus one resident director plus one company secretary
  • A local registered office address
  • Must register a private limited company with a minimum paid-up capital amount of S$1
  • Own between 30 percent and 100 percent of the company shares


Procedures for Entrepass Application:-

  1. Perform preliminary assessment prior to commencement of Entrepass application and provide personal advice base on your situation in relation to immigration matters
  2. Gather information and documents for submission
  3. File the application to MOM
  4. Liaise with officer when necessary
  5. The processing time is around 3 to 8 weeks after submission
  6. We will setup the company for you upon approval of the Entrepass.


Information Required

  • Passport Size Photo of Applicant (Taken within last 3 months)
  • Passport and proof of residential address of Applicant
  • Resume / CV
  • Education certificate
  • Applicant’s past employment testimonials in English (Optional)
  • Singapore EntrePass application form 8. Click here to download
  • MOUs or contracts with potential clients for the new business, if any
  • Brochures, press releases, or any other business collaterals from previous or existing business ventures if any
  • A well-drafted, 10-page business plan (Download the EntrePass Business Plan form)
  • If you have business in your country, please provide the following:
    • Business Information
    • Business License (certified true copy)
    • Product Catalogue / Photos
    • Invoices from suppliers
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Business Contracts
    • Annual Turnover in the past 3 years

Entrepreneur Pass in Singapore

The key requirement for the application of an EntrePass is a ten-page comprehensive business plan that outlines the goals and objectives of the proposed business venture plan and includes a strategy to meet the requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The business venture must demonstrate, within a one-year period, that it will meet the requirements of employing a minimum number of local employees and achieving a specified total business spending.


Renewal of EntrePass:

You must meet all the following criteria to renew your EntrePass:

1. Company must incur minimum total local business spending (TBS) per annum and hire minimum number of staff in accordance with the following table:

No. of years holding an EntrePass No of local jobs you need to create (or) Minimum annual total business spending (TBS)
FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents) PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives)
2 3 1 $100,000
4 6 2 $200,000
6 9 3 $300,000
8 or more 12 4 $400,000

2. Latest audited accounts;

3. Central Provident Fund statements for the employees;

4. Highest educational certificates of employees;

5. Tenancy agreements;

6. Company registration information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority;

7. Corporate bank statements for the past three months;

8. Referral letters from customers; and

9. Recent invoices issued/contracts awarded.

Entrepass holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Singapore. There is no designated waiting period. However, applicants are advisable to submit the application after 2 years of business operation.

Singapore Entrepass