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Industry Guide in Singapore

This page provides detail information about how to start and operate a Singapore Company in specific industries. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organized in categories below.

Guide to Set Up an Arts or Music Company
In Singapore, the arts and music business, though recreational by nature, is classified separately from the entertainment business. Some examples of arts and music business activities are operas, orchestra concerts, art exhibitions and performance dance.

Guide to Set Up an Employment Agency Company

With Singapore encouraging foreigners from executive and middle-management levels to manual labours to work in the country, there are numerous small and big placement agencies and headhunting firms to help Singapore companies meet their staffing needs.

Guide to Set Up a Real Estate Agency Company
On top of the normal incorporation company processes, kindly take note of the CEA Licensing and registration requirements and the requirement for KEOs. We will be able to incorporate the Company for you once the KEO of the Company is confirmed.

Guide to Set Up a Food and Beverage Restaurant Company
Whether you are the chef de’ founder or the founding manager injecting finance and managing the restaurant enterprise, either way, the business in its infantile phase requires you to nurture at least until it breaks even and stabilizes.

Guide to Set Up a Travel Agency Company
A Travel Agency is any entity that provides travel and tour packages involving travel by air, sea or land. Companies that provide transport only (such as taxi firms or trucks that move goods) are not included in this definition. A travel agency licence (“TAL”) is required in order to conduct business as a travel agent.

Guide to Set Up a Singapore Trading Importer and Exporter Company
A detailed overview of the various aspects of trading in Singapore includes: opening a customs account, applying for licences and permits, types of goods that can be imported/exported, taxes and fees, trade financing options, cargo clearance procedures, goods storage options etc.

Guide for Commodity Trading Business in Singapore
If you are looking for an excellent place to set up a commodity trading business, look no further than Singapore. In this guide, we’ll provide information about over-the-counter trading of commodity derivatives in Singapore, including issues relating to compliance, legislation, and licensing.

Guide to Set Up an Event Management Company
Singapore’s event management industry is bursting at the seams. As the quintessential global business city, Singapore continues to burnish its image as a top city for conventions, exhibitions and international meetings.

Guide to Set Up a Publishing Company
The people of Singapore pride themselves on their high literacy rate, one of the best in the world. The publishing industry flourishes in Singapore because of this demand combined with strong IP protection, easy business setup and a literate worker pool.

Guide to Set Up a Retail Outlet Company
Singapore’s retail sector has come roaring back since the Great Recession. Fueled by magnificent growth in Singapore’s tourism, the country’s retail outlets have been experiencing double-digit growth that is the envy of the world.

Guide to Set Up a Telecommunications Company
Learn about Singapore’s licensing requirements for the telecommunication industry. The explosive growth of the Asian-Pacific region in recent years has seen a huge new demand in the telecommunication service sector.

How to Start a Concerts, Sports Events, Magic Show or Events in Singapore
This article provides an overview of how to start Concerts, Sports Events, Magic Show or Events in Singapore. Singapore presents itself as a choice location for global Events to be held always.

Starting a Shipping Company in Singapore
Singapore, which ships to more than 600 ports in 120 countries, is an international maritime hub hosting 5,000+ shipping companies that add about 7 per cent to GDP. For those looking to start maritime or shipping business operations, Singapore’s global port has an unexcelled reputation, making it the preferred choice of many.

Guide to Setting Up a Hotel in Singapore
Excellent performance of the tourism sector of Singapore in the year 2010 and the increased significance of the tourism sector is expected to bring positive results on the hotel industry in the coming years. The 3Q GDP figures of 2010 for Singapore reveal that restaurants and hotels grew by 8.1 per cent.

Guide to Setting Up a Construction Company in Singapore
strong demand for construction has been witnessed by the country over recent few years because of many large scale projects in the public sector like public housing, MRT lines and building the business parks.

Guide to Starting an Online Ecommerce Business in Singapore
In this guide, we will outline the step by step process that can help you to launch a new online business in eCommerce within Singapore. Starting online business can be very rewarding but one needs to understand that it involves much more than simply setting up a website and making sales.

Guide to Starting a Private Education Institute (PEI) in Singapore
This guide’s aim is to set forth overall direction on launching within Singapore a private educational institute. The field of education is among one of Singapore’s developing growth industries and takes on a fundamental purpose in attracting and nourishing abilities from around the world.

Guide to Starting a Coffee Shop Business in Singapore
In this guide, we provide a step by step guide on how to set up a coffee shop in Singapore and tap into the profit churning opportunities that the food and beverage industry has to offer to entrepreneurs. We also highlight the employment matters to run a coffee shop business successfully in Singapore.

Guide to Starting a Dental Clinic Business in Singapore
In this guide, we provide a step by step guide on how to set up a dental clinic in Singapore. The setup of a dental clinic undergoes the process that is very much similar to that of setting up a traditional clinic. The licensing of medical practices in Singapore is presided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and applications are made to Central Licensing Branch (CLB) of MOH. 


How to Start an Agricultural Business in Singapore
Singapore is a lucrative business destination for many ventures in several different industries. Agriculture is one of those industries which have made tremendous leaps and bounds over the years, especially with the support of government schemes which have been set up to help entrepreneurs venturing into this sector get all the advantage that they need.

Guide to Starting a Café Food and Beverage Business in Singapore
The food and beverage industry is something that will always be thriving, especially in Singapore, the heart of Asia where food is abundant and mouth-wateringly delicious. For entrepreneurs who are looking to venture into Singapore’s F&B sector, this guide to starting a café food and beverage business in Singapore is the one for you.

A Guide to Starting an Entertainment Business in Singapore
It is all about appearances when it comes to the entertainment business in Singapore. If you want your business to stand out amongst the crowd, it is going to have to make a lasting impression among your customers, especially when Singapore has one of the most thriving entertainment industries in Asia.

A Guide to Starting a Maritime Business in Singapore

Despite being one of Singapore’s flagship industries, the maritime sector is still not as up to date as it should be when it comes to adopting the latest business technologies. Some maritime businesses in Singapore for instance, are still relying upon old arcane methods such as depending upon pen and paper to manage the planning of the business.

Guide to Starting a Home Based Business in Singapore
Home-based businesses are on the rise, especially here in Singapore and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Being your own boss is the dream of many. The flexibility, the freedom to take control and pursue what you love, that is only a sneak peek into what being your own boss could entail.

Guide to Starting a Massage Establishment Business in Singapore
This sector has become highly sought after by international investors who want to consider starting a massage establishment business in Singapore because of how successful this – along with the spa industry – is. Currently, it is one of the most lucrative areas which contribute to the country’s GDP annually, and this number is only set to grow even more. 

Guide to Starting an Audit Firm Business in Singapore
Many individuals harbour the dream of starting their own business. And many are turning their eyes towards Singapore because of how easy and hassle-free it is to establish a business of your own in no time. If your dream has been to start an audit firm business in Singapore, this is the guide for you. 


Guide to Starting an Oil and Gas Consultancy Business in Singapore
The oil and gas industry is unlike any other business in the world. Fossil energy remains in demand, and with this industry sustaining your market share and profitability for the business requires that you be able to expertly handle challenges. 

Guide to Starting a Spa Business in Singapore
A spa business in Singapore is similar to that of a massage establishment, and the criteria for starting your spa business in Singapore will not be much different. Starting a spa business is a good idea because of the rising demand to meet the needs of both locals and tourists.

Guide to Starting a Maid Agency Business in Singapore
If you’re looking to start a business in Singapore which requires a minimum investment amount, a maid agency business could be the best available option for you. With a capital of $5,000 to $7,000, you will be able to start a maid agency business in Singapore once you’ve incorporated your company and got your licensing requirements sorted out too.

Guide to Starting a Hawker Stall Business in Singapore
Singaporeans love their food, and to meet this growing need and rising demand, hawker stall businesses in Singapore have bright prospects for the future. If you’re intending to dive into this lucrative market, then this guide to starting a hawker stall business in Singapore is for you.

Guide to Starting a Private Transportation Services Business in Singapore
Singapore has a very strategic location, which has made it a prime destination for many businesses. This includes private transportation services business. Because of its modern and world-class business infrastructure, demand for private transportation services has been in the rise.


Guide to Starting a Software Development Business in Singapore
For any country, the IT industry is one of its strongest pillars. In today’s digital and technological age, no business or individual will be able to thrive without depending on technology. Which is why starting a software development business in Singapore is a great idea if this is your area of passion.

Guide to Starting a FinTech Business in Singapore
FinTech is one of the thriving sectors in Singapore that has garnered strong support and growth recently. The country’s financial sector (banks and financial service providers) welcomes where they see FinTech as supportive enablers that could help to increase the efficiency and accountability of financial services.

Guide to Starting a Yacht Charter Business in Singapore
The idea of having a yacht charter business is appealing to many people – a business that combines both entrepreneurial spirit and the yachting passion. While the yachting business has the same basic requirements as other types of businesses, business owner of a yacht charter business will want to factor in some considerations when setting up the business.