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Company Secretary Services | Corporate Secretarial Services | Corporate Secretary Services in Singapore

The art of starting and building a successful business includes choosing the right corporate secretarial services partners to support Company Secretarial Services for the business. Before engaging any qualified company secretary Singapore, it is important that you go through Your checklist for selecting the right person as your Corporate Secretarial partner in Singapore when doing business in Singapore. We provide Company Secretary Services and Corporate Secretary Agent support that can meet all your Company’s needs.

Check out our Company Secretary Services Package in Singapore

Package Fees for Company Secretary Service

Packages AvailableFee (SGD)
Annual Company Secretary Service (Free AGM)from $700 (W/GST $749) *

Our Company Secretary Services Package provides:

  • Acting as named Corporate secretary and Corppass administrator by our qualified staff
  • Safekeep company common seal, if any
  • Maintaining the Minutes and Register Books
  • Drafting of standard directors resolutions and minutes (indicated as free below)
  • Advice on secretarial / statutory / compliance / accounting / tax matters
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alert via email.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Submit annual return and XBRL to ACRA when due

* If the total number of directors, shareholders, beneficial owners, registrable controllers and nominator of nominee director are more than 3 persons or entity – a once-off $100 (W/GST $107) per person or entity due to diligence review fees will apply


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Package Fee for Routine Corporate Secretarial Service

Packages AvailableFee (SGD)
Annual General Meeting (Standard) and annual return submission for Private Limited CompanyFree
Approval of Director Fees in AGM for Private Limited CompanyFree
Updating of Directors’ Particulars with ACRAFree


Package Fee for Non-Routine Secretarial Service

Packages AvailableFee (SGD)
Approval of Director Fees in EGMfrom $200 (W/GST $214)
Appointment of first AuditorS$200 (W/GST $214)
Change in AuditorS$200 (W/GST $214)
Attend Meeting by Corporate Secretary or representative (in 3E Accounting Office) (Excluding disbursement and Records of minutes)from $700 (W/GST $749) per hour
Records of minutesfrom $500 (W/GST $535) per hour
Out-going for a signing of documents/bank resolution by Company Secretaryfrom $250 (W/GST $267.50) per trip
Completion of bank forms by Company Secretaryfrom $300 (W/GST $321) per account
Change in Bank Signatoryfrom S$100 (W/GST $107)
Preparation of resolution for Opening of Bank AccountS$100 (W/GST $107)
Preparation of resolution for Closing of Bank Accountfrom S$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Resolution for Declaration of DividendS$100 (W/GST $107) for the first shareholder
S$50 (w/GST $53.50) per shareholder for subsequent shareholders
Change of Business ActivitiesS$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Change in SecretaryS$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Change in Where Register Member KeptS$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Change in Registered AddressS$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Change in DirectorshipS$150 (W/GST $160.50) per individual
Change in Beneficial owners, Registrable controllers and Nominator of nominee directorS$100 (W/GST $107) per individual
Change in Financial Year EndS$150 (W/GST $160.50)
Resolution for Purchase of PropertyS$200 (W/GST $214)
Share Transfer of Ordinary Shares from/to individual (includes Share Certificate)from S$200 (W/GST $214) per transfer agreement / transferor / transferee (whichever higher)
Share Transfer of Ordinary Shares from/to the corporate shareholder (includes Share Certificate)from S$250 (W/GST $267.50) per transfer agreement / transferor / transferee (whichever higher)
Share Transfer of Preference Shares from/to individual (includes Share Certificate)from S$300 (W/GST $321) per transfer agreement / transferor / transferee (whichever higher)
Share Transfer of Preference Shares from/to corporate shareholder (includes Share Certificate)from S$350 (W/GST $374.50) per transfer agreement / transferor / transferee (whichever higher)
Witness for Share Transfer Agreementfrom S$50 (W/GST $53.50) per signature
Allotment of Ordinary Shares in cash (includes Share Certificate)from S$200 (W/GST $214) per shareholder
Update of paid-up capital (includes Share Certificate)from S$200 (W/GST $214) per shareholder
Change in Company Name and Adoption of Common Seal (Free 1 Company stamp and 1 Common Seal)S$500 (W/GST $535)
Change in Company Name (Free 1 Company stamp)S$400 (W/GST $428)
Change in Memorandum and Article of Association (EGM is required)from S$500 (W/GST $535)
Certified True Copy of documentsS$10 (W/GST $10.70) per page
The signing of bank resolutions or other documents (in our office)from S$100 (W/GST $107)
Liaise with the auditor for annual statutory audit on secretarial recordsS$250 (W/GST $267.50) per visit
Purchase of update business profileS$20 (W/GST $21.40) per copy
Purchase of update People profileS$100 (W/GST $107) per copy
Extension of Time for AGM and filing Annual Return (2 months)S$500 (W/GST $535)
Access to the register book in ACRAS$50 (W/GST $53.50) per register
Registration of alternate address for each officerS$150 (W/GST $160.50) per officer
Add on one company seal inclusive of resolution (companies no longer required by law to have a common seal)S$100 (W/GST $107)

***For the Company with more than 10 directors/shareholders, an extra charge may apply for the annual secretarial fee ***
***Please note that all the above does NOT including stamping fees ***

When incorporating a company in Singapore, you are required to appoint a company secretary (Corporate Secretary Agent) within six months of incorporation in accordance with the Singapore Companies Act. 3E Accounting offers Company Secretary Services and can provide your company with a company secretary (Corporate Secretary Agent). A company secretary who supports for the Company Secretarial Services must be a Singapore resident who is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, or holder of Singapore Employment Pass/EntrePass/Dependent Pass.


Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

In addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, a qualified company secretary Singapore who support the Company Secretarial Services also has the following responsibilities:

Board Meetings

Co-coordinating the operation of the company’s formal decision making and reporting machinery; formulating meeting agendas with the chairman and /or the chief executive; attending meetings, taking minutes; maintaining minute books; certifying copies of minutes and ensuring that correct procedures are followed.

General Meetings

Originating and obtaining internal and external agreement to all documentation for circulation to shareholders; co-coordinating the administration and attending of meetings, taking minutes and ensuring that correct procedure are followed.

Company Constitution

Ensuring that the company complies with its constitution and drafting/incorporating amendments in accordance with correct procedures.

Maintaining Statutory Registers and Books:

Statutory Returns

Updating ACRA on:

  • any changes in the director(s) of a company or particulars relating to the director(s)
  • changes to a directors name or residential address
  • removal from office in accordance with the Singapore Companies Actor the constitution
  • disqualification from holding office
  • appointments/resignations/deaths
  • annual return
  • change of company name
  • adoption, alteration and revocation of a constitution
  • issue of shares
  • any other changes that require updating with ACRA


Report and Accounts

Coordinating the publication and distribution of the company’s annual report, accounts and interim statement, and the preparation of the directors’ report.

Share Registration

Maintaining the company’s register of members, dealing with transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings and dealing with queries and requests from shareholders.

Shareholder Communication

Communicating with the shareholders (i.e. through circulars), payment of dividends and interest, issuing documentation regarding rights issues and capitalization issues, general shareholder relations and relations with institutional shareholders and their investment protection committees.

Shareholder Monitoring

Monitoring changes within the register of members to identify an apparent ‘stake-building’ in the company’s shares by potential takeover bidders and making enquiries of members as to beneficial ownership of holdings.

Share and Capital Issues, Transfers and Restructuring

Implementation of changes in the structure of the company’s share and loan capital and devising, implementing and administering directors’ and employees’ share participation schemes.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Participating as a key member of the company team established to implement corporate acquisitions and disposals, protecting the company’s interests by ensuring the effectiveness of all documentation and that due diligence disclosures enable proper commercial evaluation prior to completion of a transaction.

Corporate Governance

Reviewing developments in corporate governance and advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities, compliance with their personal obligations under company law and, if applicable, Stock Exchange requirements.

Non-Executive Directors

Acting as a channel for communication and information with non-executive directors.

Company Seal

Ensuring the safe custody and proper use of the company seal if provided for in the company constitution.

ACRA Compliance Alert and Reminders

3E Accounting will send reminders to you on filing deadlines and compliance matters.


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