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Everything You Need to Know About the Singapore Dependent’s Pass (DP)

A Singapore Dependent Pass (DP) lets the spouses and children of those who have an Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass come and live in Singapore.


Who Can Apply for A Singapore Dependent Pass?

Singapore Dependent’s Pass (DP)Spouses legally married to a work pass holder can apply for a DP. Children under the age of 21 years can apply for a DP too. To apply, the work pass holder must be either an EP or S Pass holder.

Either an employer or an approved employment agency can apply for a DP in Singapore. A DP is valid for up to two years, and renewals are tied to the conditions of the main work pass holder.

There is no quota or levy in place for a DP holder.


Singapore Dependent Pass Requirements

To be eligible to apply, the main work pass holder must either have an EP or an S Pass. In addition, they must earn a minimum income of $6,000 monthly (not including combined household income). Candidates are also eligible for a DP if they are sponsored by a Singapore-registered company that is established.

If your family members are not eligible for a DP, they may apply for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) instead. Entrepass holders will have a different set of conditions that they must fulfil. Details of these requirements are on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s website.


Supporting Documents Needed to Apply for a Singapore Dependent’s Pass

To apply for a DP, you must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of your personal particulars page on your passport
  • Copy of your marriage certificate with the main pass holder
  • A copy of your personal particulars page (available on the passport) for subsequent applicants like children and parents.
  • Verification of vaccination requirements to enter Singapore
  • Copy of documents for unmarried and legally adopted children under 21 years.

If the documents are not in English, you must submit the original documents and a translation page. Translations must be done by a translation service provided.


Getting a Singapore Dependent Pass for Your Newborn Baby

Newborn babies can apply for a DP too. To submit an application, you will need to get a passport for your newborn. Applications for a DP can be made within six weeks of the baby’s birth. Once your baby is born, your baby must be registered with the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Once completed, you will get your child’s birth certificate along with an advisory note from the ICA. On that note, the ICA will specify that your baby has been granted a Special Pass. This pass allows the infant to stay in Singapore for 42 days.

During this period, you must apply for a passport for the newborn. This can be done at an embassy or high commission. Once done, submit a DP application for the baby. The employer will be the one to do this via MOM’s myMOM portal.

If you don’t want to get a DP for your baby, you may apply with the ICA to have your Special Pass extended.


Applying For A Singapore Dependent Pass

Applying for a Singapore Dependent Pass requires a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria and documentation, ensuring that families can stay together while one member works or studies in Singapore. Applications are approved within 3 weeks for most cases.


What Happens If My Singapore Dependent’s Pass Is Rejected?

If your DP is rejected, you may appeal the outcome. However, you can only do this if you can address the reasons for the rejection. Appeals must be submitted within 3 months of the rejection period. The outcome of the appeal usually takes 3 weeks or longer.


Renewing Your Singapore Dependent Pass

DP renewals must be done before the expiry date of the current DP.


Cancelling A Dependent’s Pass

Like the main work pass holders, a DP must be cancelled once the applicant no longer needs it. If the applicant needs to stay a bit longer, they may request to apply temporarily. Cancellations can be made via the myMOM portal, and they are immediate.


Reporting Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards must be replaced. Requests for a replacement card must be made within 1 week. If a card is stolen, a police report must be made. a fee of $60 will apply to replace the card. The fee to replace a lost card is $100. Subsequent losses will incur a fee of $300.


Can A Singapore Dependent Pass Holder Work?

Yes, a DP holder in Singapore can work if they want. However, they must get a work pass to do so. To legally work, the DP holder needs to apply for an EP, an S Pass, or a Work Permit. The prospective employer or an approved employment agency must submit the application on their behalf.

If approved, the relevant qualifying salaries, levies and quotas that are tied to the respective work passes will apply. If a DP holder wants to run a business, they must apply for a Letter of Consent for DP Holders who are business owners.

Once a DP holder is granted an EP or S Pass, they will no longer require a DP. They will be independent of the main work pass holder and tied to the conditions of their new work visa. The DP must be cancelled before the new work visa can be issued.

If DP holders are granted a Work Permit, they must still hold both a DP and a Work Permit. The Work Permit’s validity period will be tied to the conditions and validity of the DP. DP holders with a work permit do not need medical insurance, provided that the employers are already covered under an existing medical insurance plan.

The insurance plan must meet MOM’s mandatory insurance coverage requirements. DP holders with a work permit do not need to have a security bond or undergo medical examinations every six months. They will not be subject to pregnancy restrictions either.

No work passes are needed for volunteer activities. There is also no payment required for activities that are for charitable reasons.


Notifying MOM of Changes

If there are any changes to the details originally submitted with MOM, you must notify MOM of the changes.

Singapore Dependent’s Pass (DP)