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ServiceM8 Manage Field Service Business Software

Small businesses need the empowerment to thrive in today’s fast paced business world. And this empowerment comes in the form of a field service management app = ServiceM8.

Small businesses deserve to thrive just as much as the big ones do, and by building an internet driven, cloud-enabled and networking job management platform, servicing the global small business market has never been easier than it is today.


What is ServiceM8?

Service M8ServiceM8 is a field service management app that caters towards trades and services businesses. Combining the best technology, cloud power and the smart job management systems and processes, ServiceM8 was born.

ServiceM8 was born to deliver a better way for businesses to manage their workflow and implement smart processes, and in doing so transform the way small businesses manage all facets of their field service businesses. ServiceM8 helps facilitate conversations and track jobs, staff and payments starting right from the moment the clients make their first call all the way through to invoicing and finally payment.

With the help of this app, businesses can take control and work smarter with real-time communication between the office, field staff and customers all from one easy location. Power communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, real-time visibility, staff location and job status are just some of the features that ServiceM8 has designed to streamline the way trades and services businesses get the job done and get paid.

ServiceM8 offers professional quotes and better communication, which in turn will help you win more new clients and earn repeat clients for your business. ServiceM8 is built exclusively for Apple hardware and focuses on Apple’s platform entirely to help bring the app to its full potential, incredibly powerful and reliably fast.


What Does Service M8 Feature?

The features of ServiceM8 can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Field Service Management – Includes job management, job history, checklists and tasks, capturing photos and videos, capturing signatures, dispatch map, powerful job search and integrated navigation.
  • Scheduling – Includes drag-and-drop scheduling, access to your business anywhere at any time, schedule updates, allocation windows, instant dispatch and job reminders.
  • Quoting and Invoicing – Includes easy invoicing, quotes, online quote acceptance, beautiful and customisable templates.
  • Payments – Includes mobile credit card processing and online invoice payment.
  • Communication – Includes email and messaging to clients, customer replies, email and text templates, on-the-way message, activity feed and real time updates of job progress on site.
  • Mobile – Includes powerful mobile app, ServiceM8 apple watch, offline access, iPhone and iPad seamless experience, apple exclusive platform and the latest iOS features.
  • Forms – Includes producing professional PDFs, simple to complete forms, easy to build online editor, flexible question types, conditional question skipping, form checklist items, and items are automatically stored forever.
  • Add-Ons – Includes online bookings, automation, convert emails to jobs, recurring jobs and reminders, customer feedback, job costing and reporting, margin billing and more.
  • Reports – Includes job reports, revenue reports, feed reports, custom reports and job data exports.
  • Integrations – Includes leading accounting packages, MailChimp email marketing, Zapier app integrator, Workato app integrator, deputy staff management and open API.
  • Security – Includes Amazon web services, automatic backups, class-leading uptime, bank-grade security and iPhone and iPad data.
  • Support – Includes email and chat support, partner network and help centres.

Feeling like you don’t have enough hours in a day to get things done can now become a thing of the past with ServiceM8, the smarter, more efficient way to get the most out of your day.