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Migrating to Singapore Is Easy With 3E Accounting

Easy Migration to SingaporeThe world has become a beautiful and diverse mix of cultures living in every country. When it comes to migrating in Asia, no place is as in demand as Singapore. We can assist you with easy migration to Singapore.

Before you relocate to Singapore, there are several things to do. If you have never migrated abroad before and you’re not familiar with the local culture, moving to the city-state can be overwhelming. That is why you need the help of migration specialists like 3E Accounting.

Think of us as your friend who helps to hold your hand as you make this life-changing move. From housing ideas to employment pass, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.


Why Live in Singapore?

The food. The people. The culture. The vibrant environment. The coveted work-life balance. The ease of setting up a company in Singapore. The stable political environment. All of those reasons and so much more are why people from all over the world want to live in Singapore.

Migrating to Singapore has seen a boost in recent years. As such, migrating to Singapore services has become a genuine demand by those who want to make the process as smooth as possible. That is where 3E Accounting comes in.


3E Accounting’s Singapore Immigration Services

3E Accounting is the best immigration consultant in Singapore, and there’s a reason for that. We’ve been in the business so long we have decades of experience to rely on.

Migrating to Singapore has never been easier. We help you with everything from applying for an Employment Pass to getting a Singapore PR. As Singapore’s leading one-stop solution service provider, we can take care of everything.

By engaging our list of services, we can help you handle your company set up and open a bank account to start. We will assist you on all secretarial matters, tax reporting, accounting, and more. We take the stress out of your move by doing everything for you.

Working closely with our experts, our guidance will ensure that your work pass issuance is a success. After 6-months of living and working in Singapore, you can apply for a Singapore PR. We will also help you deal with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for Singapore’s PR application. Once you have lived in Singapore for two years as a PR holder, you can apply to become a citizen with the ICA.

We have a track record of a high approval rate so far because we are committed to what we do. We’re proud to say majority of our Employment Pass applications get approved with no further appeals required.


Why 3E Accounting Is Always the Best Choice

We understand people from around the world want to make a life here in Singapore. That is why our immigration services support multiple languages. Whether you’re after English, Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, or more, no agency speaks more languages than us.

For more information about our migration services, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today.

Easy Migration to Singapore