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Preno Hotel Management System

Preno – the simple yet powerful booking management tool every hotel owner needs. Preno was created by an award-winning hotelier who became frustrated at the amount of time that was being spent on the admin aspect of owning and managing a hotel.

And because of this frustration, Preno was born out of sheer desire to make being a hotelier a much more enjoyable and hassle free experience, while still bring the customers the best services and support system to keep them coming back for more. 


Why Use Preno?

Why should hoteliers seek to make Preno their go-to hotel management system? Here’s what Preno has to offer:

  • PrenoPreno lets the users get a bird’s eye view of all their bookings on a grid layout. The user can merely click on a booking for more actions or simply drag and drop items to shuffle the bookings around.
  • Preno’s applications allow the users to see different aspects of the bookings with more focus and less clutter.
  • On Preno, users can easily switch between booking statuses, group bookings and payment records with ease.
  • Preno simplifies the workflow of booking management. Because Preno’s workflow is so intuitive, you can quickly create a new booking, capture guests’ requests and other booking information quickly and easily.
  • Group bookings have also never been easier.
  • Building a history of the guests who visit the hotel is now much simpler with Preno. Users can add as much information about the guests, and this applies to all the hotel’s guests, not just the primary ones. The hotels taken on the guests will be used to deliver exceptional experiences when they return to the hotel in the future.


Because Preno is a web based application, it can easily be access from anywhere around the world at any time of day, as long as you have a great internet connection. This means hoteliers get to enjoy the flexibility of managing their hotel even if they’re not at the hotel or even in the country at that time. It is that easy.

Preno is easy to use and easy to install without the hassle of having clunky software that you constantly need to keep updating, installing and maintaining. With Preno, you can rest assured you’ll always be on the latest version of the application.

Preno also offers users a 24/7 chat support system, which is available directly on the app. Users can chat with any of Preno’s team members instantly to fix any problem that may have gone wrong.

Preno is the hotel management system that is every hotelier’s dream come true. If you require any help, Contact Us.