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Micro SMEs Solutions in Singapore – Practical Solutions for Your Business

Micro SMEs Solutions in SingaporeSMEs are the backbones of the Singaporean economy. With the speed of change in the global economy, SMEs in Singapore (especially Micro SMEs in Singapore) are constantly struggling to meet customer needs, and many of them are undergoing restructuring and transformation in order to keep up with the fast-changing business environment. Another challenge is the workforce shortage in which Singapore Micro SMEs find it hard to attract and retain talent to fuel their business growth. In addition to the high competition to pool talent, the increasing production cost is another showstopper. Inflation has caused a price hike in almost every area, causing Micro SMEs in Singapore to encounter higher production cost, possible cash-flow problems, and hefty overhead charges. 3E Accounting provides One Stop Micro SMEs Solutions in Singapore and sees below for more information.


3E Accounting provides One Stop Micro SMEs Solutions in Singapore


The possible challenges for Singapore Micro SMEs at one glance:

  1. Failure to meet customer needs
  2. Tarnished brand or reputation
  3. Highly competitive business environment
  4. Economic slowdown
  5. Cash flow problem or liquidity risk
  6. Shortage in human resources
  7. Outsourcing
  8. Corporate governance and compliance issues
  9. Data Protection

Therefore, SMEs have to be innovative and think out of the box for practical solutions to not only sustain but also grow the business. Cutting operational costs is always a proven practice to gain better margins for SMEs. While increasing revenue is the way to achieve higher margins, cost-cutting is arguably the easiest way to increase profitability. Streamlining your business processes and expenses will have a direct impact on your profit margin, and it would ensure competitive profit margins in the longer run.


What Can 3E Accounting Do For You?

In fact, outsourcing of certain business functions is another good way of reducing operational costs. Outsourcing arrangements will help you to keep your company slim and trim, while you can have your undivided focus and efforts on revenue-generating activities.

At 3E Accounting, we are here to help you to kick-start the business, equip you with professional advice and steer the right direction to grow your business. Our end-to-end services will support you from the very beginning to end. In other words, there is no need to switch to another service provider even when your company grew bigger.

Micro SMEs Solutions in Singapore


Apart from the company incorporation and company secretarial services, our professional team will help you in accounting, bookkeeping, tax, human resource management, payroll and so on. Instead of hiring a team of accountants and supporting staff, you can now improve the efficiency by engaging our services, which will eventually help you to trim your hefty business cost. What’s more, we will help you to expand overseas when your company grow bigger! We work with many partners who can help you with marketing, website, legal support etc.

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