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Apply for Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore

Package Fee for Personalised Employment Pass Application
Packages Available Fee (SGD)
Personalised Employment Pass application (including appeal process) $1,200 (W/GST $1,308)
Dependent Pass application for spouse / children $500 (W/GST $545)
Long Term Visit Pass application for parents / step children $500 (W/GST $545)

The fee quoted above are excluded out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement such as translation fee, issuance processing fee, MOM fee and etc.


Our Services cover

  • Personalised Employment PassAssistance in completing the self assessment tools with MOM
  • Pre-application information and advice on Work Pass
  • Filing of Work Pass application
  • Tracking Work Pass application status while under processing
  • Liaise with Direct MOM officer in charge when necessary
  • Responding to MOM’s request for additional information as necessary
  • Arranging for issuance of Work Pass upon in-principle approval
  • Filing of maximum of 2 appeals within 3 months from the date of rejection as per MOM’s guildline in case of rejection of Work Pass application

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) visa was introduced to provide job flexibility for middle and senior foreign executives working in Singapore. Holders of this Personalised Employment Pass are entitled to stay in Singapore for up to 6 months in between jobs while seeking for new employment opportunities.In addition, foreign executives with years of working experience are entitled to apply for this visa without first securing a job in Singapore. This Personalised Employment Pass visa is awarded based on the individual applicants merits. The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) visa is equivalent to a P1 Employment Pass category but with the following benefits:

  1. The Personalised Employment Pass is valid for up to 3 years where the holders of this pass are not tied to any single one employer
  2. The Personalised Employment Pass holder does not have to cancel and re-apply for a new visa each time he/she changes a new job
  3. The Personalised Employment Pass holder can take on employment in any sector or industry
  4. Holders of this Personalised Employment Pass are permitted to stay in Singapore for a period of six months even without a job so as to allow them to evaluate employment or work opportunities.

The Personalised Employment Pass is also considered a self-sponsored work visa as one does not require a Singapore company sponsor to apply for this visa. Therefore, this Personalised Employment Pass serves as an ideal work visa for those who have not obtained a job offer in Singapore and are willing to find suitable employment in Singapore.

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) visa was introduced to provide job flexibility for middle and senior foreign executives working in Singapore.



1) Foreign executives currently working overseas with last drawn monthly income of at least S$18,000
2) Current P1 Employment Pass holders with a fixed monthly income of S$12,000

Below are the procedures for Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) application:

1) Application form to be completed by applicants to indicate personal particulars and previous work experience and provide the following information

  1. Clear scanned copy of highest education certificates
  2. Clear scanned copy of passport’s particulars page
  3. Clear scanned copy of salary slips for the latest 3 months
  4. Clear scanned copy of latest employment contracts/letters

2) Submit the application to MOM and the Processing Time is 5 weeks.
3) Upon approval, An In-Principle Approval letter will be mailed to the applicant’s Singapore address
4) You can visit Singapore for the collection of the work pass
Kindly take that you are not allowed to setup your own company and hire yourself to work in Singapore. You are expected to work for a Company which you are not a shareholder of the Company

Personalised Employment Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalised Employment pass holders do not have to make any social security contributions to the Central Provident Fund (“CPF” which is applicable to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only). However, the employer (company) is required to contribute a fee to the Skills Development Fund (SDF). SDF contribution or Skills Development Levy (SDL) is paid by employers for all employees up to the first $4,500 of gross monthly remuneration at the rate of 0.25% or $2, which ever is higher.

As a PEP holder, you are not allowed to start your own business or engage in any entrepreneurial activities. You should apply for an Employment pass if you intend to do so.

Which means you are not allowed to be shareholder and/or sole director of the company.

If you wish to appoint as a director, you only can become a sleeping director in general. (a named director which does not involve in day to day operation)

No nominee director services are required. You can apply the PEP in your personal capacity.

Your pass is valid for 3 years. It is not renewable. You are advisable to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident before the expiry of your work pass. Alternatively, you can apply for employment pass before expiry of your work pass.

No. However, PEP holders still need to notify MOM when switching jobs. The notification must be sent within seven days of the change in employment by submitting a Notification Form. Current and previous employers are also required to send a notification to MOM by submitting an Employer Notification Form.

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) only allows you to stay up to a maximum period of 6 continuous months without a job in Singapore. If you are unable to find suitable employment within this 6 month period then your PEP will be cancelled.

If you are required to go through a medical test, it will be indicated in your In-Principle Approval Letter along with the list of specific tests. In general, it includes a physical examination and some blood tests to rule out serious diseases such as HIV and etc.

The medical form in the In-Principle Approval Letter must be completed by a certified doctor. If it is not written in English, you are required to submit a copy of the original papers and the official English translation done by a certified translator, High Commission/Embassy or notary public. The medical report is valid for card registration within 3 months from the date of medical examination.

You are encouraged to do the medical examination in Singapore to ensure that it meets the requirements and medical report will be written in English.

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