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Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

A certificate of incorporation is described as a legal document which is related to the formation of a company or corporation. The precise meaning of a certificate of incorporation however, would depend upon the legal system where it is being used. 

In Singapore, the Singapore Registrar of Companies (ACRA) will issue an e-notification of incorporation upon incorporation. These e-notifications do not have any signatures on them and will be emailed out to the officers of the company and the person in charge of the incorporation filings.


Is There an Alternative to Certificate of Incorporation?

An electronic certificate of incorporation that confirms the company’s incorporation is available for purchase at any time from ACRA. Bear in mind that these certificates will be duly signed electronically by ACRA. The electronic copies can be purchased any number of times from ACRA, especially if the certificate needs to be submitted to any parties overseas where an unsigned electronic copy of the e-notification is not accepted.


What is the Procedure for Acquiring a Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

To purchase a certificate of incorporation which confirms a company’s incorporation that is also duly signed electronically by an ACRA officer, you would be required to log into ACRA’s BizFile website and make the required purchase online. Once purchase has been completed, ACRA will send a notification to you with a URL for you to download the electronic certificate. Companies that have applied to change the name may follow the same procedure, and this includes companies that require a certificate confirming the company’s incorporation and subsequent change of name.

To make a purchase of certificates of incorporation through BizFile, you would need to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the BizFile website at
  2. Select the “Buy Information” tab
  3. There will be 4 options listed under the Buy Information tab (Buy Business Profile, Buy Other Information, Buy Package Information, iShop Membership), select the option that you are after and proceed from there.

Keep in mind that members of the general public are eligible for the purchase of Certificates of Good Standing and Certificates of Compliance in electronic forms if these documents are available from the iShop.

SingPass logins only allow company officers, business owners and or authorized representatives, LLP/LP partners, managers and authorized corporate service providers to make purchases of statutory certificates on behalf of the business entity.


What is the Processing Time for Certificate of Incorporation?

Once the payment has been completed, an email which contains a URL to access the report that would need to be downloaded will be emailed within 15 minutes. Purchases which were done via SingPass can be accessed by logging into the ACRA BizFile portal to download the needed information. This applies for all electronic certificates.


Need Some Help?

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