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Payroll Cloud Software


What is it?

Payroll is important not only from a financial point of view, but it directly affects your employees. Whether your company payroll is distributed fortnightly or monthly, the last thing an employer wants to hear is the employee dissatisfaction due to payroll issues. As such, we could see that payroll has always been the big topic for employers. The invention of payroll cloud software in the market has added an extra touch of spice to the payroll scene. One of the noticeable benefits of payroll software is that payroll calculations can be done instantly.

We understand that the penalties for errors can be high. Automated year-end reporting, statutory deductions, payslips, and annual reports are among the abilities of the payroll system, with less human errors. With the said system, employee attendances, as well as the time worked, are well recorded without having to enter the data manually. In other words, you can forecast and plan staff costs and budgets with the payroll system because this sort of information is always related to human resources functions.

As of now, many companies are making changes to their HR departments with a cloud-based payroll software function. Cloud-based provides access to your payroll on the go, which means the software makes storage and access easy.


The Key Features of Payroll Cloud Software

1. Excellent online HR system

    • Employee can view personal payslips, IR8A and leave information.
    • Track and manage employee data efficiently.
    • Apply and approve leave online.
    • Create detailed and customised reports (produce year-end reports and documentation for both employer and employees).

2. Payroll Managed Services

    • Salary calculation and maintain payroll file for each employee.
    • Process gross to net salary and applicable CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA or ECF contributions.
    • Salary disbursement through Bank GIRO transfer.
    • Publish secure online payslip via Pay Advice portal.

3. No contractual obligations

    • It runs on a pay-per-use subscription model, which means customers do not have to commit to any contractual obligations
    • No up-front payments needed.
    • It is simple-to-use, hassle free and cost-saving.

4. Customise your payroll solutions

  • Helps you to keep track on important dates such as expiry dates of work permits, confirmation dates, pay dates, deadline for payments, and many more.
  • It operates in the cloud and allows businesses to manage and run payroll from anywhere.

The biggest benefit of payroll cloud software is that all of the work — payroll calculations, payroll tax payments, year-end tax forms, etc. is completed for you. Payroll can typically be run in just several minutes. This saves you a ton of time and effort.  Rest assured, you get additional time when you are no longer tied to the payroll desk anymore. 

Therefore, a good payroll system is the key to the success of your company. Take the time to set up a robust payroll system, and use good quality software. This will not only help you avoid common payroll problems, but it will help you to run your business smoothly.

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