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Independent Director of Services in Singapore

The success and future of your business depend on one thing: How well you choose the right services for your business. This guide explains why 3E Accounting’s Independent Director Services is every entrepreneur’s top choice.

With 3E Accounting, we offer a wide selection pool, thus ensuring that continuity will never be a problem.


What You Look for In a Director

The director of your company holds a very important position. They represent one of the company’s many heads, the person that others will turn to for guidance. That I why it is important to select someone of experience and quality.

Your director should have the experience and the skills needed to head a successful business. The director should be trained and up to date on Singapore’s latest corporate governance matters. With 3E Accounting, we offer a wide selection pool, thus ensuring that continuity will never be a problem.


What A Director Does

Independent Director ServicesA director of a company would take on the following responsibilities:

  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Set strategic aims.
  • Ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are available.
  • Establish a framework effective and prudent controls.
  • Set the company’s values and standards.
  • Review the performance of the management.
  • Ensure that obligations to shareholders and others are understood and met.
  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of the business.


Work With the Best in Singapore

As far as Independent Director Services goes, you will find no better team than 3E Accounting. Among the services we offer include:

  • Registered agent
  • Process agent
  • Corporate governance director
  • Supervisory board member
  • Fund director
  • Resident director
  • Proxyholder
  • Attorney-in-fact
  • Non-executive director
  • Accounting
  • Tax compliance
  • Corporate secretarial
  • Reporting services
  • Payroll services

We know that every client requires something different. That is why we customise our services to fit your personal business needs. The services we offer will be as unique as your business because we are committed to helping you succeed. For more information about our Independent Director Services, contact our team here.

Independent Director Services