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POS System Solution

If you ask any retailer, “What’s the POS System?”, they might tell you something like it’s the essential system that combines everything, which would ease the business. Yet, we all know that POS System is not just that one thing [that combines everything].


What is POS System?

POS System is a combination of software and hardware that allows a businessman to keep track with their daily transactions and to simplify their everyday operations.

It helps people to know where they stand (of their earnings in a day, week or even a month) as well as to have a better inventory management (with detailed sales reports that include the remaining inventory, sales trend and historical data to forecast future purchase).

Besides, it is a must-have tool for business as it increases productivity, save time and reduces unnecessary paperwork. What’s more, it reduces the potential for human error by automating checkout like item look-up, price calculation, barcode scanning, credit card processing and receipt printing.


Who needs it?

Any retail business like F&B, restaurants and those who want to increase productivity and efficiency in their business.


Types of POS

i. Retail Point of Sale
A POS required for retail stores, and it is used for a single terminal and runs on a single hardware. Yet, every retail is different in terms of sales management, inventory management, customer relationship management as well as reports for the business.

ii. Restaurant Point of Sale

This POS system can be classified into two types namely “the front desk” and “the back kitchen”. The front desk version needs a POS system that operates on a touch screen. It receives orders and redirects it to the ‘back-kitchen’, where simultaneously the receipt printer will print the order to be handed over to the Chef. Certain POS application facilitate remote data transfer to the main office, for proper consolidation of transactions.

iii. Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile POS services could process payments and manage both inventory and customer information. Most payment processors will send you the credit card reader for free. This is a suitable point-of-sale option if you do not manage a lot of inventory and you need to be mobile.

Well, we understand that selecting a suitable POS system could be a difficult process. That’s why we are here to help you build a shortlist of POS systems that are a good fit for your business. Besides, you can claim Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) for the POS system purchased from our affiliate and that will save your pocket by all means! (ICV, a government voucher valued at $5,000 with the purpose to help SMEs to improve their business)

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