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HR Grants Consulting Services in Singapore

HR Grants Consulting ServicesEmployees Are the Heart of the Business. Without Them, Organizations Cannot Function.

3E Accounting’s HR grants consulting services can increase employee retention by helping businesses design and offer flexible working hours for employees. In return, this action will decrease costs, increase employee productivity, attract talent, establish best industry standards, etc.

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HR Grants Consulting Services

The Grants We Offer

We offer the following HR consulting grants:

Work-life grant

The work-life grant offers incentives and funding for companies to offer their employees with flexible work arrangements also known as FWA grants. In order for businesses to qualify for this grant, they must offer offering flexible timings, work environment, and a part-time work schedule. 3E Accounting can provide businesses with the following consulting services to ensure they qualify for a work-life grant:

  • Conduct needs analysis review, using focus groups and surveys, on present flexible working hours and policies in place
  • Analyze findings to provide suggestions to senior management on resolving challenges to the implementation of a FWA plan and suggest at least two suitable FWAs for implementation
  • Provide advice on the structure to incorporate a work-life balance strategy
  • Design and conduct a workshop with senior management to establish targets and goals for a work-life balance
  • Develop processes and policies to support the incorporation of work-life grants
  • Communicate and train employees on work-life grants


HR Shared Services (HRSS)

HR Shared Services (HRSS) offers businesses 70 percent funding support of qualifying expenses to improve and optimize the operational efficiency of the HR. By outsourcing HR operational activities to 3E Accounting, businesses will be able to improve their HR processing and systems. The services under HR Shared Services include:

  • HR Advisory Services
  • HR Information Services
  • HR Operations


Enterprise Training Support (ETS)

Enterprise Training Support (ETS) provides businesses with about 20 million, made available to them over the duration of two years under five grants, training, capability, curriculum context and alignment, HR development, and compensation and benefits review.

ETS is a financial assistance program developed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Under the program, businesses receive a training package to offer their on-the-job training and increase productivity.

The program also clears costs incurred by the business used to enhance the development functions of the HR and in examining and benchmarking the benefits and compensation system to restructure salary. The services under ETS include:

  • Increasing the skill level of employees
  • Creating HR framework to aid training plan
  • Examining the wage system


Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Capability Development Grant (CDG) clears 70 percent of project expenses incurred by the business. This grant clears expenses related to consultancy, workforce, training, certification, establishing the business capability to improve process, market access, and product development, and increasing productivity. The services under CDG include:

  • Business Excellence
  • Human Capital Development
  • Service Excellence


Customer Centric Initiative (CCI)

The Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) encourages businesses to commit themselves to providing excellence service and take the lead in increasing service standards in their respective industry. The CCI program clears 70 percent of applicable expenses for SMEs and 50 percent for non-SMEs. The CCI service includes:

  • Examining present customer satisfaction level
  • Developing and implementing service blueprints, strategies, systems, and standards
  • Developing training programs
  • Implementing a reward system
  • Certifying the business under Singapore Service Class (S-Class)


Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV)

The Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) encourages businesses to update their capabilities in the areas of Human Resource, productivity, financial management, and innovation. This grant is valued at $5,000 to fund professional fees to establish different policies, systems, and processes. Each business receives eight vouchers. To acquire a new voucher, businesses need to complete the project within six months. The ICV service includes:

  • Organizational diagnosis to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Introduce and implement essential HR systems
  • Understand customers and ensure processes and policies are aligned to benefit them

3E Accounting can provide structure to your organization by providing you with our HR grants consulting services. You can trust to provide you with quality services, as we do not only preach introducing a work-life balance, but we also follow one.

HR Grants Consulting Services

At 3E Accounting, we have created work-life balance culture by providing our staff with several different conveniences—flexible hours, a playroom for kids of working mothers, and three weeks of paternity leaves for new dads. We have been successful in creating a family-oriented environment at 3E Accounting. Therefore, when it comes to securing grants, we are the perfect accounting firm for the job. Contact Us today!

We can help you save you money and time by suggesting the best partner for a successful implementation of a grant.