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Public Relations Services in Singapore is a Must for Every Business


A Reputation Takes a Lifetime to Build, but Only Moments to Destroy

Bad publicity and a lack of damage control can quickly be derailed the good reputation you work so hard to build with the necessary public relations services.


What Are Public Relations Services? Why Do I Need It?

Public relations or PR for short is a process whereby the spread of information is deliberately managed. For example, information disseminated between a business or organisation and the public is deliberately managed by a team of professionals. These experts are known as PR specialists.

Public relations services in Singapore could be used by a business or organisation for a range of purposes. Some might use it to gain exposure. Others could rely on it to market their communications in the most effective manner. If you’re wondering whether such a service is necessary for a business, the answer is yes.

A good PR strategy informs the public and persuades them to view your organisation in a favourable manner. Without it, a business’s reputation can quickly spiral out of control when a few mishaps happen along the way. Without a team of specialists managing the situation, news has the potential to turn bad quickly and spell disaster for your business’s reputation. As the saying goes, it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation but only a moment to destroy it.

3E Accounting Singapore got you covered with a range of Public Relations Services that cover every aspect you need to maintain your company's image and good standing in the community.


Why 3E Accounting Singapore?

Companies from all over the world have consistently made 3E Accounting their number one choice. We’re renowned for our passion for working with clients and turning goals into reality. The reputation of a business is of the utmost importance and no one understands that better than we do. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a range of Public Relations Services that cover every aspect you need to maintain your company’s image and good standing in the community.

The services offer includes:

  • Media Relations
    We’ll help you keep your business ahead of the pack because we know what a great story looks like. Each campaign is tailor-made to suit your company’s uniqueness. Our spot-on strategies have helped many businesses launch their brands and engage with their target audience in the ways that matter most. Services here include campaign planning, strategy planning, media training, metrics reporting, survey management, content and writing creation and more.
  • Social Media
    It’s an inescapable element in today’s society. Social media’s presence and importance can no longer be ignored. Luckily, our team of experts are well-versed and connected across various industries. We can help your company find its voice in the vast social media landscape through creative and targeted engagement campaigns. Our services here encompass organic campaigns, social media advertising, full-service management, analytics and ROI tracking, contests, sweepstakes, community building, social media training and more.
  • Integration
    We’ve got a range of creative services in case your business needs a more dynamic and integrated approach. Let us help you customise your PR strategy through the range of services we offer. These include vendor and survey management, designing newsletters, managing blogs, training workshops for media spokespeople, infographics and graphics, event management and more.

For the full range of Singapore Public Relations Services offered by 3E Accounting, get in touch with us today to assist your business with our PR Consultancy Services.

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