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MINDBODY Wellness Services Industry Solution


MINDBODY – Improving the wellness of the world

Mind BodyBusinesses, even if they are small businesses, have one thing in common – the people who own the business work hard to keep it running and keep it successful. There is no 9 to 5 for the business owner, running a business is a demanding and full time job.

But business owners, just like everyone else, still deserve some time to themselves to do the things that they love and enjoy. And that’s where MINDBODY comes into the picture, by helping to turn your business goals into reality.



MINDBODY is a leading global online marketplace for wellness services, a software that is helping to turn the visions of tens of thousands of health, wellness and beauty professionals into technology that links them to the millions of clients that they serve.

To put it simply, MINDBODY is about leveraging on technology to help improve the wellness of the world. Millions of users have already experienced the benefits of the MINDBODY app to find new experiences and sign up for wellness services in their local community.



MINDBODY allows business owners to list their businesses on the MINDBODY Network to help them better connect with customers and find the right customer fit for the business.

The MINDBODY Network is one of the most effective ways to put your business in front of the people in your community and around the world who are dedicated to making fitness and wellness a regular routine.

Businesses can list themselves on the MINDBODY app, which allows millions of users to book and pay for the company services. And what’s even better is that these listings are free for MINDBODY subscribers.


How MINDBODY works can be broken down into 6 simple steps:

  • Online Booking – Online booking will allow you to give your clients the freedom to sign up for their next visit whenever they like.
  • Staff Resources – This feature allows you to organise your team’s work load, schedule the day and process payroll easily from one place.
  • Marketing – This feature allows you to attract new customers by getting exposure in front of the right people.
  • Automation – This handy feature will shrink your to-do list on half with time saving features like auto-reminders and confirmations.
  • Client Tools – This feature lets you store the payment, visit history and all the other information you need in one simple profile.
  • Reports – This tool allows you to analyse the numbers that will help you plan ahead and predict where your business is heading.


Taking the next step in your journey is as easy as downloading the MINDBODY app and find out exactly why 60,000 business owners around the world already trust in MINDBODY. If you require any help, Contact Us.